Valentine’s Day 2020 Fashion
Regardless of whether your Valentine’s Day plans involve a fun date night or a cozy night in with your closest girlfriends, there are many outfits to choose from, so you can spend the day in style. Here is the ultimate guide to dressing for every kind of Valentine’s Day plans.
Chicken Bellagio
Let’s change up the Valentine’s Day scene this year. Yes, if you are attached, you should celebrate LOVE with your significant other. But, ladies, what about the love you feel for your best gal pals?
Comforting… Wild Cream of Mushroom Soup
Add some warmth to this cold February and make a powerhouse mushroom soup—complex and well-rounded. Or, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, try something different and make this soup for your significant other.
How Sweet Is Your Soul?
Sweet Soul Bakery, a plant based, gluten free bakery, is the sweetest addition to come to the town of St. James.
Ways to RECHARGE Your Relationship with Your Spouse or Partner
Thinking outside the box this year may be your best gift. As batteries need to be recharged, so does a loving relationship.
Valentine Gift Guide
Valentine’s Day is not just about the flowers, chocolates, and jewelry, but more about showing appreciation for the ones you love. Whether you’re newlyweds, longtime lovers or recently dating, there are so many great gift ideas out there. So, if you’re not sure of what to do or get, check out what we’ve come up with… it will help make this Valentine’s Day special!
Loneliness is a word that conjures up many notions, most of which are sad or negative in nature. We may think of individuals who are without friends or family, sitting by themselves, almost invisible to those around them. When we think of someone as being lonely, we think of them as being socially awkward or uneasy.
NEW Year… NEW Favorite Tips!
“Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” - Robert Frost
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