Your Resume Creates Your Future
It’s impossible for me to overstate the linkage between your resume and future success. Having spent over 30+ years in Corporate HR in sizeable organizations, I cannot begin to calculate how many resumes I’ve reviewed. Few were memorable, some were acceptable, and most were immediately forgettable.
University Selection
Being a high school junior or senior often means it is the time to start contemplating where you’ll spend your years following graduation. University is a fantastic way to become an expert in your ideal career path, make connections, find friends and discover your own self.
Sustainable Fashion
The recent UN environmental report stating that there are twelve years left to preserve the Earth has inspired people to look for new ways to participate in healing the planet. Sustainable fashion has made its name as the most glamorous step in the right direction.
Healthy, Delicious & Pretty
Hello friends, I made it a goal this year to be better at having a well-rounded breakfast in the morning. Amongst the rush of the mornings, I sometimes find myself skipping the most important meal of the day. It just isn’t a good start to my day.
New Season, Old Traditions
Wow, Sring is finally here and yes it’s time for Easter! Easter–along with spring– brings a new outlook and joyful feelings; a real sense of renewal and rebirth.
Detox Your Mind
Let Your Thoughts Inspire You Your mind is working for you every second of every day – even while you’re sleeping. In fact, one of the major ways we detox our brain is via the glymphatic system (yes it starts with a ‘G’).
Early Spring Gardening!
Spring Cleaning, Pruning and Feedings in the Garden! We have all heard of a good spring cleaning inside our homes, but this is also true for spring in the garden!
Outdoor Living Spaces
So – with winter hopefully behind us, spring is the time to think of your outdoor property as an extension of your living space. Plan in the spring and you will ensure a great summer getaway within your own home.
Pure Co Natural Spa
This past New Year’s has marked the grand opening of Pure Co. Natural Spa in Huntington, New York. Owner, Elaine Xie always had aspirations of opening her own spa. After obtaining her certification in Reflexology, she trained in China for over ten years where she perfected her technique. It was then that she decided to open her own spa here in New York.
Prepping your Home for Sale
Selling a home isn’t just putting a for-sale sign in the front yard and waiting for buyers to come make an offer. It takes expert marketing and a little elbow grease. Homeowners should start preparing for a home sale several weeks or months prior to putting their own on the market.
The Mirror Has Two Faces
It is amazing, isn’t it, that we can view ourselves in a mirror one way, but see ourselves through our own eyes in another? Our perception of self is often different than the perception others have of us, and of the reflection we see when we glance in a mirror.
City Guide in Milan
Milan isn’t what most people think of when imagining “Old World” Italy. Offering a blend of style and luxury with subtle hints of tradition, it’s modern, edgy, and chic. Milan is the center of commerce, banking, and design; Italians flock here ­­for work.
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