University Selection
Being a high school junior or senior often means it is the time to start contemplating where you’ll spend your years following graduation. University is a fantastic way to become an expert in your ideal career path, make connections, find friends and discover your own self.
Your Resume Creates Your Future
It’s impossible for me to overstate the linkage between your resume and future success. Having spent over 30+ years in Corporate HR in sizeable organizations, I cannot begin to calculate how many resumes I’ve reviewed. Few were memorable, some were acceptable, and most were immediately forgettable.
Valentine’s Day Outfit Guide
A day created to celebrate and express love, Valentine’s Day is an accumulation of all the soft and sweet feelings felt for your partner. An outward display of love is the essential aspect of this holiday, as it was originally a day for secret marriages to be performed.
Winter Skin
Well, it’s February while we’ve gone through some tough months of winter, we can see spring in our future. However our skin has taken a beating from the cold weather and lack of sun. Every time I pick up a beauty magazine there’s a spread of expensive gorgeous skin care that is impossible to find and have no idea how to use.
Dreaming of Cupids
Valentine's Day is practically here! Another reason to celebrate, eat and share your love. As I consider Valentine's Day, I decided what recipe to share with you in my next culinary article. I dream that the days and evenings are long, light and warm.
Limon’ Love! Homemade Lemon Pound Cake
Limón is Spanish for yellow, juicy, citrus lemon! Its snappy flavor makes it the perfect summertime ingredient for desserts. There is nothing as fresh, clean and pure as a lemon cake made from scratch!
Rethinking the Grilled Cheese Sandwich
The Grilled Cheese Sandwich. So remarkable in it’s ooey, gooey glory that it deserves more than a spot on the children’s menu. Originally popular in the 1920s and 1930s, the grilled cheese was more of an inexpensive, easy-to-prepare meal option rather than savory, comfort food.
Try Other Cultures
The beauty about preparing food from other countries is that we can somewhat immerse ourselves into this particular part of the world without buying a plane ticket. Today I will share with you a few recipes I tried out and enjoyed preparing. Looking back, I appreciate exploring the different varieties of seasoning and ingredients used to compose a dish and of course photographing them.
Valentine's Dinner
I’m a romantic. I enjoy a good romantic comedy, and you’ll often find me cooking dinner to the dreamy melody of La Vie En Rose, or just about any French jazz-inspired playlist. I love Valentine’s Day. Even when I was single, there was always something wistful about this holiday – though seldomly admitted due to the fear of seeming cliché.
Valentine’s Choco-Coco Hug Cookies
Being the only girl in a houseful of boys, I try to fit anything pink into my life as much as I can. When Valentine’s Day rolls around, it’s definitely my excuse to decorate the house and bake all things pink! These Valentine’s Choco-Coco Hug Cookies are no exception.
Social Isolation
This time of year can be difficult for many who find themselves socially isolated. Social isolation presents itself in many different forms. Many feel isolated due to the fact they have social anxieties; others in the midst of many, feel lonely, isolated, and not included.
2019 Valentine's Gift Guide
On Valentine’s Day it’s not only about the flowers, chocolates and jewelry but the many ways to show appreciation for the ones you love. Whether you’re newlyweds, longtime sweethearts or just dating, get creative in planning out your day and evening. Not sure of what to do? We’ve come up with some ideas to help make this Valentine’s Day special!
A Smart Tech Home
What “Techie” isn’t excited about new gadgets – anywhere, especially in the home – and some are actually useful and should be considered when planning to upgrade or renovate.
Roses of Many Colors!
What do the different colors mean? Red Roses: Love, Respect, Courage, Passion White Roses:Purity, Innocence, Reverence, Worthiness Pink Roses: Happiness, Elegance, Romance, Admiration, Sweetness
Jack Is Back
Jack Hanna began his career at the Columbus Zoo in 1978, when he was named director. In 1983, he made his first television appearance on Good Morning America and two years later he visited The Late Show with David Letterman.
A Healthy Alternative To Long Island’s Water!
We all know that water is the center to good health. Since we lose water constantly through breathing, sweating and digestion, it is critical to keep our bodies hydrated. Water gives life to the cells, organs and tissues in our body and helps regulate its temperature and maintain other bodily functions.
Thank you for being a part of the successful clothing drive!
We want to thank everyone in the community that donated to our drive to support the Long Island Coalition for the Homeless.
Understanding Dementia Free Workshop
Prestige Adult Center invites you to attend an informative workshop titled “Understanding Dementia”.
Prepping your Home for Sale
Selling a home isn’t just putting a for-sale sign in the front yard and waiting for buyers to come make an offer. It takes expert marketing and a little elbow grease. Homeowners should start preparing for a home sale several weeks or months prior to putting their own on the market.
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
Love is the most powerful emotion on Earth! It is incredibly complex and deeply layered, and yet, it can be so simple and automatic, we can feel it without much thought. Love can grow and deepen over time or it can seemingly spring upon us in an instant, as when we set eyes on a potential soulmate or a newborn child.
“Can We Talk?”
The incomparable Joan Rivers was famous for uttering this line in her comedy routines. She wanted to shed light on topics that didn’t always get discussed, and share her personal views on the very same. In today’s world, it would seem very little goes unsaid in the social media epidemic we find ourselves in.
Ready.. Set.. BUMP!
Some travelers view the prospect of being bumped off of an overbooked flight as their worst vacation nightmare. For our family, it’s an opportunity that we are thrilled to take advantage of. To us, an overbooked flight translates into the airline giving out free travel “money” to anyone that is savvy enough to be flexible about their travel plans.
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