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A Healthy Alternative To Long Island’s Water!


E-Healthy Water 
A Healthy Alternative To Long Island’s Water!

    We all know that water is the center to good health. Since we lose water constantly through breathing, sweating and digestion, it is critical to keep our bodies hydrated. Water gives life to the cells, organs and tissues in our body and helps regulate its temperature and maintain other bodily functions.
    Knowing the importance of water and understanding the difference between the quality of water that we consume is equally important. E-Healthy Water, located at 203 Commack Road, Commack, has taken the consumption of water to a whole new level. After speaking to the owner, it’s clear, that healthier drinking water begins with finding the right pH balance, ingredient base, chemical composition and much more. 
    E-Healthy Water, has revolutionized the way people think about hydration and the nutrients that go into our bodies. At E-Healthy Water, they have discovered a way to transform ordinary tap into hydrating, alkaline water. After many studies that have been done on the subject, it has been determined that Alkaline Ionized water provides our bodies with more energy and healthier skin.
    With the help of the Kangen Water Machine, E-Healthy Water’s cutting edge technology has successfully transformed tap into alkaline water. Using charged electrode plates and an ion-permeable membrane, the technology divides water into alkaline and acidic halves. Eventually, the mineral ions including calcium carbonate and magnesium are separated from the bicarbonate ions. Once separated, the combination of ions with H2O creates an alkalinized water known as, Kangen water. 
    Their Kangen water not only rids the body of unnecessary waste but also strengthens the body’s immune system. While used for multi-purposes such as drinking, cooking and cleaning, Kangen water even enhances the body with the right amount of vitamins and minerals needed. 
    With the countless benefits Kangen water has to offer, you will soon feel and see the difference. From a b—etter balance in pH, increased hydration and increased blood oxygenation levels, Kangen water supplies it all. 
    To learn more about creating a healthier you, visit www.mypurplewater.com or stop on in to our new Commack location. Also, receive a FREE 32. Oz. BPA bottle of 8.5 Alkaline & Ionized Water (NO PURCHASE NECESSARY) for our Grand Opening Special. With just one sip, you will taste the difference! Information provided by E-Healthy Water

203 Commack Road • Commack • 631-600-3189 – www.mypurplewater.info-www.mypurplewater.com


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