Remembering Mom


Marc Piperno, President
ET Week Media
     Mothers Day, by far is the most celebrated holiday of the year. Honoring love of country or an historic political figure never seems to match up to the level of attention of Mom. There is a sense of duty on Mothers Day. From the moment we wake up, till we are ready to turn in, we work hard to make it special. A day to show our appreciation for the person who has the toughest job on earth……balancing family and for most, their careers. 
    What is it about Mom that warrants such pampering and attention on this day. The answer is clear. She delivers life. The one that carries and nurtures from our birth till her death. 
    A life's journey that is driven her to care for us, encourage us and devote her life's work to us and family. It's a big job to keep it all tied together. She is the iconic anchor, and foundation, deeply rooted, keeping family values intact. 
    My earliest remembrance of Mom was her coming to open school day. It was a time when the parents had the chance to observe our class, while it was being conducted. I was eight years old. As my mother entered the classroom, I remember saying to myself,  how beautiful she looked! How blessed I was to have such a Mom. "Yup, that's my Mom"  I'd say to my buds, as I proudly showed her off. 
     Though my mother worked a full time job, there was always a deliciously prepared home cooked meal on the table every single day. It was important back then for the family to join at "dinner time"! Yes, we live in a different world today! It's getting even harder in today's world to be a Mom. 
    I also remember the times when I was unsure of myself. The times when there was doubt about my ability. To realize and understand that life has it's obstacles and that there is always a new path that can be taken, to reach greener pastures. For me, it was her belief and encouragement that has left an indelible mark on my character. 
    Mom was my best friend. She was my confidant, my support system. The one person, above all that would unselfishly sacrifice her time and love to nurture. The maternal mission of Mom is to keep her family strong. It is why I raise my arm and proudly salute all Moms for your love, 
devotion and faith in keeping the sanctuary of family alive. Happy Mother’s Day!