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When was the last time you had Stromboli? Exactly! I feel like Stromboli is the lost appetizer and I don’t know why. Well today it has been found, and just in time for your Super Bowl party (how convenient!).

Super Game Day Bean Dip

It’s game time! Create the ultimate viewing experience and attack this Super Bowl Sunday without penalties! Kick off the game with this tried and true favorite dip my talented son and his wife often prepare for family and friends.

Pilot Checklist

If you’re not on social media you may be considered out of touch. I must admit, I have lost hours each week caught up in everyone else’s life on social media but my own. I would spend my entire lunch break scrolling through my friend’s extra curricular activities and food pictures.

“A New Year Ode”

T’was the first day of ‘nineteen And all through the house Clutter prevailed No room for a mouse! Holidays over and clean up Was needed Mom was a wreck For she was not heeded

Don’t Wait Don’t Hesitate Step up to the Plate NOW!

“She is the most positive person in the world,” my son-in-law announced about me at an event. That’s an exaggeration, but only a slight exaggeration. (Joking!) Kidding aside, I am known to be optimistic.

Casa Luis-Spanish Restaurant Rises From The Ashes

Casa Luis Spanish restaurant has defined what great food and family is all about. Luis Estevez, owner and chef of this iconic eatery realized his dreams, when in November of 1989, he decided to go and open his own place. For someone who has grown to know the Esteves family, I can tell you first hand that their passion for food, friends and family has always been the foundation of their success.

New Year… New Favorite Tips!

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” - Robert Frost

“Kindness Truly Matters”

Have you ever thought about the impact one little act of kindness can have on another human being? A loving gesture, a word of encouragement, a gentle touch or a warm smile, are just some acts of kindness that we may be apt to give or fortunate enough to receive.

Get Low!

Hi friends! As the fall season is coming to an end I have been able to go through some images and am pleased with the fact that I tried something different in my approach to taking photos.

Let’s Get Creative!

Hello friends!! Today I am going to talk to you about the do-it-yourself topic. I’m sure many of you will agree with me when I say that it’s a trend that has inspired many to become more creative and it’s here to stay.

Crafting’s Hottest Trend For Kids: Slime!

It’s sticky. It’s fluffy. It’s stretchable, colorful, ooey-gooey and its been one of the most popular craft activities for kids for more than two years. What can it be? It’s slime.

Family Portrait Time

I’m a huge fan of taking seasonal photos so I thought I’d demonstrate how to take Autumn family photos before winter begins.
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