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Joe Alicata is a 2009 graduate of 
Northport High School, he has his B.A. in Public Administration from the 
University at Albany. Joe works in the radio industry, is a member of the 
Advisory Board for the Northport High School Academy of Finance (AOF) 
program, and is a Director for 
Northport Student's Mean Business. 
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    For New Yorkers, One World Trade Center symbolizes more than just a feat of modern architecture. The elegant and striking tower is more than just the tallest building in the Western hemisphere. It symbolizes the resiliency and perseverance of a nation, and the grit and determination of the greatest city on Earth. 
    Atop this marvelous structure, over twelve hundred feet above the ground, sits a gorgeous observation floor with breathtaking views in every direction. Upon stepping into the elevator at the basement level, riders are whisked up to the hundredth floor in merely sixty seconds. Visitors then make their way through the “See Forever Theatre” and down to the observation level. After taking in the stunning views, visitors can retire to one of the three dining options available on the 101st floor of One World Trade: One Café, One Mix and One Dine. 
    One Café offers sandwiches, salads and other portable and premade food options for visitors who are on the go and need a meal to take with them. Although I did not indulge in any of the One Café offerings, the Chicken Panini Ciabatta with muenster cheese, arugula pesto and pickled onions caught my eye; along with the margarita flatbread with fresh pulled mozzarella, roasted garlic, roma tomatoes and basil. One Dine is the highest end dining option available. Unfortunately I was unable to get a menu for One Dine to peruse while I was there, but if you are interested in giving it a shot visit and follow the link for reservations. 
    I opted for One Mix, which offers unique small plate options that are uniquely crafted to represent different boroughs of New York City.  I ordered the Astoria Shish Kabobs, which represent Astoria, Queens and are made with lemon basted beef, cucumber Greek yogurt, kalamata olive hummus and onion and heirloom tomato salad. The beef was perfectly cooked, juicy and tender without being too salty, dry or crisp. The hummus was flavorful and bright, while the onion and tomato salad offered a nice fresh contrast to the strong beef flavor. 
    Another tasty menu option, albeit not hailing from any particular borough, is the grilled free range chicken sandwich with Italian burrata, fried tomatoes, arugula pesto on grilled sourdough. The sandwich is perfectly sized to be just enough for lunch, and is packed with flavor. The creaminess of the burrata is the perfect contrast to the arugula pesto and the texture of the chicken. Furthermore, the French fries that accompanied this sandwich were out of this world; perfectly fried, not greasy and seasoned to perfection.
    Aside from the borough inspired options, the menu features sharable items such as an artisan cheese board with pistachio crusted grapes and flat breads, to a charcuterie board featuring cured meats, pickled veggies and artisan breads. 
    If you are looking for a great way to spend the day and grab some fantastic views of the NYC skyline while noshing on fresh, quality and tasty menu items, then One World Observatory is the perfect place to go with the kids, for a night on the town, or to entertain your clients. Make sure to reserve your tickets before you go or you will have quite the line waiting if you go on the weekend.