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2021 Back To School Trends

With back to school just around the corner, now is the time to start shopping for wardrobe staples and assembling new outfits! After the last year of online school, fashions are split between comfortable athleisure and dressed up retro. Whichever style you prefer, the outfit you wear on the first day back will help establish the aesthetic of your personal wardrobe!

The color of the season is lavender. This muted purple is making appearances all over the runway, and for fashion conscious teens, will be splashed across their closet. Since colors are popular one day and old-news the next, you are better off buying one, stand-out piece in lavender. The softer purple would look fetching on a puff-sleeved dress or button-up cardigan! For the bolder student, leopard-print is taking over. Ideal for a faux-fur coat, leopard-print will bring the glamour of an old-Hollywood star to your outfit.

For those looking to continue dressing cozy, there are plenty of options to spice up your outfit. Tie dye is making a significant come-back, thanks to the continued popularity of 60s and 70s fashions. Pairing a tie dye sweatshirt and mask will keep your look laid back, but give an air of put-togetherness. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, and Nike are major in athleisure, and while it may  sometimes be a bit pricey to buy new, thrifting is always an affordable and environmentally-friendly option!

Platform sneakers are the “it-shoe” this season. Inspired by the eternally beloved streetwear fashion, chunky sneakers pair with any outfit! These shoes are ideal for running to and from class all day. Consider wearing these sneakers with a midi dress while the weather is still nice out! This combo is a more dressed up version of the athleisure look – maintaining comfort while favoring style.

Another favorite shoe for this fall is the loafer. An ode to the retro wave sweeping youth fashion, the loafer can be worn as platforms or as a low, chunky heel. Style your loafers with ruffle socks for a more feminine look. Loafers also pair well with two popular items of the season; pleated skirts and sweater vests. Tennis skirts have long been a teen classic, while sweater vests have only recently been introduced as a trendy item.

Keeping with the revamp of the traditional, tweedy academic style, messenger bags are becoming popular again. More common among college students, the messenger bag is being marketed towards high schoolers with a utilitarian, military-inspired look.

Whether this is your first time back to in-person school or not, take advantage of the new school year to cobble together outfits you are excited about! Try out new trends and incorporate them into your personal style!

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