5 Delicious Herbal Teas That Promote Wellbeing


For diehard coffee drinkers, herbal tea may not sound all that exciting… but if you can replace that afternoon java with one of these tasty caffeine-free teas, you’ll probably have a better night’s sleep and you’ll definitely be giving yourself some extra health benefits.

Herbal teas are always naturally decaffeinated, because unlike regular teas brewed from leaves, herbal teas are steeped from various parts of plants. They can be made from flowers, stems, roots and even bark and are often combined with different spices, or essences like honey, lemon or mint for a variety of flavor options to choose from.

Here are 5 of the most popular and good-for-you herbal teas to get you started.

Made from dried hibiscus plants, hibiscus tea has a tangy, tartness and a number of health benefits. Research has shown that drinking hibiscus tea regularly for six weeks helped lower the blood pressure in adults with hypertension. Hibiscus is also packed with antioxidants that help fight compounds called free radicals.

A favorite herbal tea that tastes as heavenly as it smells, is jasmine tea. The scent of jasmine has been known to calm the nerves, help relaxation and improve mood. Like the hibiscus, jasmine flowers also contain a number of health-boosting antioxidants that prevent damage to cells.

Licorice tea has a unique taste blend that can range from spicy sweet to even a little bitter. It often comes enhanced with flavors like cinnamon, lemon and orange peel zest. Made from the licorice root, this tea has strong anti-inflammatory properties that can help with body aches, nausea and even soothe dry sore throats.

If you find your brain working overtime, especially at night when you’re trying to fall asleep, you might want to add a cup of fragrant chamomile tea to your bedtime routine. Chamomile tea has been reported to aid sleep, calm nerves and support immune health which is especially important these days. Chamomile is made from a plant in the daisy family and is one of the oldest documented medicinal plants with a variety of healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Peppermint Tea tastes like, well peppermint – the refreshing flavor of mint has long been known for promoting healthy digestion, soothing an upset stomach and offering relief from bloating. It’s even a good source of vitamin A, C and calcium. Peppermint tea makes the perfect after dinner tea or mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

There are so many varieties of herbal teas to choose from and all of them promote well-being and offer a myriad of healthy benefits. So try adding a couple of herbal teas to your daily beverage intake… they’re a delectable way to take care of yourself!