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Oh… The Places You’ll Go

Tracy Rebentisch has a Bachelor’s Degree in English and enjoys to write as a creative outlet.  Her love of writing began at a very young age and her writing style portrays humor and truth in relaying her real-life experiences to her audience.  Her email address is:
As the end of another school year approaches, I once again think to myself, “I have to get the book signed!”  What book you ask?  It’s the Dr. Seuss classic, titled, “Oh, the Places you’ll go!”.  I bought this book a few years ago and every year have his teacher’s sign it and write a little something with regard to having my son in their class. I will be presenting it to him proudly on the day of his high school graduation.  I will admit each year that goes on, it gets harder and harder to keep this a secret.  In the early years before he could read, it was easy peasy!  Once he learned to read, I had to get creative.  I would put the book in an envelope, seal it and write a note on the front all the while telling my son his teacher asked to borrow a cookbook from me.  When they were done, they would seal up the envelope with the book in it and write notes on top such as, “Thanks for the recipes, I used many in the book” or “Sorry, it took so long but, I had a lot of recipes to gather”.  My son has never once been suspicious but, he probably thinks I am trying out for Top Chef pretty soon because all his teachers want my recipes. I am not sure how long I can keep up the cookbook idea but, so far so good.  Think about doing this idea for your own child.  I thought about waiting to read all the excerpts about my son the same night as he will – on graduation day, but, that did not happen. I was way too curious to wait so long!  Figured I better get all the crying out now so when it is time for him to read through them, I would be fine (I think).  Teachers are very, very special people. It always amazes me how well they know your child, just as good as you do, in fact.  If you think about it, they are spending each day with him, 5 days a week for 9 months.  That is a lot of time to get to know your child.  They also have a way with words that pulls at your heart strings (have lots of tissues ready if you choose to read what they write each year.)  If you have a young child prior to starting school, I highly recommend getting this book and having their teachers all write in it.  It is the perfect book too as they become adults and continue on their journey. I have some time to go, but, I know he will be quite surprised and touched (he is a sensitive soul) by it. Oh, what a graduation present will this be!


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