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Pointers For Parents

Preparing For The College Interview

The college interview allows both student and school to learn additional details about each other.

Well Organized Students Have Less Stress

As parents we should be able to help our students with organization to try to avoid or reduce stress.

Parents: Behaving Better So Your Teenagers Will Too

Ideally, disciplining teenagers begins around age 4, not age 14, by teaching early about responsibility and right behavior.

Reach, Target, Safety Colleges

Commonly, the terms Reach, Target and Safety schools help to delineate a candidates probability of acceptance into preferred colleges.

Why You Have To Stop Giving Everything To Your Kid!

As a parent you want what’s best for your child. The problem is that although your intention is good, you give away the farm to your child.

Parents: Behaving Better So Our Children Will Too

Our children learn behaviors by observing ours. (Scary thought, no?!) To help children behave better, it behooves us to do so too.

Oh… The Places You’ll Go

In the early years before he could read, it was easy peasy!

The Hidden Benefit Behind Your Child’s Anxiety

But your child needs to learn how to harness anxiety in the right way.

The College Search Starts With Self-Discovery

With such a large volume of schools to choose from, how can a prospective college student begin to distill the monumental amount of information related to these offerings?

2017 Is Here! Set The Course For The New Year By Goalsetting With The Whole Family

The start of the New Year often represents a reset. It gives us permission to start over, and marks the starting point to many long held plans, goals, and aspirations.

Extracurricular Activities and College Admission

In other words, taking on a leadership position or showing marked advancement within an organization represents stronger value in assessing extracurricular involvement.

Body Language Exposed

Many children are prone to being bullied due to the negative body language they display. 
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