Rolling Through Summertime… With a Lobster Roll


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To me nothing says summer like biting into a savory, sweet lobster roll. A decadent classic New England sandwich.  One succulent mouthful and you’ll feel like you’re away on vacation…and you don’t have to drive to “The End” ( Montauk that is ~ to feel like you did). For us seafood lovers… it’s just not Summer without enjoying these tasty  rolls a few times during the season. Easy to prepare right at home, relaxing in your own backyard and soaking up the sun. The flavor is intoxicating ~ the experience is lobsterating! So go summer…celebrating!

Serves 4
2 ½ pound lobsters (steamed) 
Take out claw meat and tail meat, chill for ½ hour in refrigerator, and dice into 
½ inch chunks. If you want to really make this easy…call ahead to your local fish market and ask them to steam for you and remove meat from shell. 
Mix cut up lobster meat in bowl with the following ingredients.

6 tender celery stalks diced
2 T of chopped fresh chives
½ to ¾ cup of mayonnaise
Fresh ground pepper to taste
Pinch of tarragon (optional) 

Split top hot dog rolls, toasted 
with a bit of butter
Lettuce leaves for extra crunch  
Spoon lobster mixture onto warm bun and enjoy! XO Denise