Take on Allergies Naturally


With the change of seasons, many of those who suffer from allergies fear the onset of spring & high pollen count days.  Fear no more!  What if you could empower yourself and make your body a strong vessel to lessen and even eliminate your seasonal allergies?  Did you know there is a food product that you could start avoiding today to help you?  And the healing doesn’t stop there.  There are so many natural things you could do to alleviate your allergy symptoms.  And guess what?  Your overall health will benefit too!

There are two major considerations to think about when it comes to the body’s response to allergies:  chronic inflammation & mast cell activation.  The common denominator of both of these factors is your immune system.  Chronic inflammation is tricky because it presents in all sorts of ways.  Two people with chronic inflammation can have different symptoms.  One person may have nagging migraines and the other scratches their itchy rash day and night.  The thing that is important to remember: when inflammation is the root cause, once the inflammation is identified and reversed, these symptoms melt away.  

Inflammation can even settle in the respiratory system.  This can cause allergens to adhere to the mucus membranes which leads to buildup of phlegm and irritation.  Dairy is sticky and damp.  By consuming milk, cheese or any product with whey & casein, leads to build up of inflammation in the body as well.  Inflammation is a breeding ground for allergens to stay in the body and wreak havoc such as seasonal allergies.

Mast cells are part of your immune system and are throughout your body.  When the body gets exposed to an allergen, chemical mediators are released such as histamine.  This can cause protective mucus to trap the allergen and this is a normal allergic response.  However, when there is inflammation and/or immune system dysfunction, then too much mucus exists and the person suffers.

The key is to have an immune system functioning properly.  It’s healthy to get sick, recover quickly and develop natural immunity.  Some nutrients to test via bloodwork and have in optimal range are Vitamin A, C, and zinc.  Vitamin A and zinc also support a healthy gut lining, so if you have digestive issues make sure your doctor is testing properly.  Vitamin A taken in high doses is also anti-viral, but make sure you are dosing correctly.  One of my favorite supplements to decrease inflammation and control mast cells is quercetin.  It ‘quenches’ the mast cells so that they stop releasing histamine in excess.  This can provide tremendous relief both preventatively and immediately with seasonal allergies.  Onions, capers and raw apples with the skins are high in quercetin as well.

If you are suffering from chronic illness, find out if inflammation is going on in your body.  Allergies can be easily managed and even eliminated with proper nutrient supplementation and diet.  Find out if Naturopathic Medicine could be the answer to your seasonal allergy complications and start enjoying the outdoors again!