The Incredible Dr. Pol


Victoria is an accomplished animal educator and journalist who's been recognized by Dowling College and awarded by Congress for her work. Victoria also teaches in schools and libraries where she shares firsthand her knowledge and experiences in a series of educational programs that she’s developed.

    Dr. Jan Pol is a world renowned veterinarian with over 40 years of experience. In 1981 Dr. Pol and his wife Diane opened a veterinary office in central Michigan's farm country. The business was started out of his house and grew over the years to have more than 19,000 clients. Many people know Dr. Pol from his very popular reality show, ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’. His son, Charles, is the co-creator and Executive Producer of the show. The show follows Dr. Pol throughout his day at the clinic. It also features two other vets; Dr. Emily and Dr. Brenda. It currently airs Saturdays on Nat Geo Wild.
    Dr. Pol is originally from the Netherlands. He discovered his love of wanting to help animals as a child when he assisted a local vet deliver piglets. I recently had a chance to go to rural Michigan and interview Dr. Pol at his veterinary office. During the interview, we discussed filming the show, how he got started, and of course, chickens. The Pol's have their own free range chickens at home for eggs, as well as a variety of different animals. He’s had everything from dogs to an emu at his home. Dr. Pol grew up on a dairy farm. He told me that if he didn’t become a vet, he would have become a dairy farmer like his father. His brother went on to own a dairy farm in the Netherlands. 
    I asked Dr. Pol if the cameras ever get in the way when he’s treating an animal. He said, “Oh, yes – Oh yes!” One time, while filming, a cameraman got bowled over by a cow. The cameraman hurt his shoulder and damaged the camera. Dr. Pol's advice for anyone wanting to be a veterinarian is to get as much experience as possible. He suggests volunteering at a local veterinary clinic, cleaning cages and asking if you can be in the surgery room. He said you need to get used to the work done in a veterinary office. 
    During my visit, I was proud to present Dr. Pol with a Proclamation, on behalf of Suffolk County Legislator Leslie Kennedy, for all his incredible work with animals. 
    You can watch my full interview, including the presentation of the Proclamation, on my YouTube channel “Victoria’s Amazing World”.

Victoria’s Fun Facts and Tips:
• Dr. Pol wrote a NY Times Bestseller titled, Never Turn Your Back on an Angus Cow.
• Dr. Pol’s colleague would refer to his stitching as a “Singer sewing machine”.
• Dr. Pol is fluent in four languages – English, Dutch, French, and German.
• All three of Dr. Pol’s kids have worked at the veterinary clinic.
• Many of Dr. Pol clients are Amish.
• Dr. Pol has clients that drive 3-hours to come to his clinic.
• When Dr. Pol delivers a calf he always takes his shirt off. He does this because he says "Skin is easier to clean than clothes". 
• Dr. Pol is licensed in veterinary medicine in the state of Michigan and the Netherlands. 
• Dr. Pol just celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary with his wife Diane. He will celebrate his 75th birthday on September 4th.
• Many people don't know, but Dr. Pol is actually color blind. He has trouble with the colors green and brown.



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