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Tricks and Treats for Kids and Adults

Tiffany Cohen has been cooking since she was 12 years old. Everything she does revolves around family, friends, food and fun. She has a blog called Whatcha Cooking Good Looking, which showcases her love for food and creating great memories with family and friends. When not working at her corporate job, she’s enjoying life with her husband and two little boys. Contact her at whatchacookinggoodlooking@gmail.com.

Every year, I always try to think of something special to make for the kids for Halloween.  I make them “spider” cheeseburgers with French fry legs, monster eye cookies, and all kinds of fun stuff.  This year, I’m going for Trick-or-Treat Cupcakes. They are so fun and really require nothing more than boxed cake mix, frosting, and M&Ms. These cupcakes are filled with a Treat of M&Ms in the center, but the Trick is that not all of them are filled!  
    But wait a minute…where’s Mom and Dad’s Halloween treat?  We love Halloween, too!  Look no further than this Spooky Sangria.  Apothic Dark red wine turns this beloved drink an eerie dark blood red and is sweetened with fruit and Cointreau.  This drink is better when it’s made ahead of time and is fun and festive.  After all that trick-or-treating with the kids, it’s time to treat yourself!  You deserve it!

Trick or Treat Cupcakes

1 box of white cake mix and the ingredients
6 drops orange food coloring, optional
Frosting of your choice
Halloween cupcake wrappers and sprinkles

1.  Prepare the cupcakes according to the directions on the box, adding the food coloring during mixing, if desired.  After baking, let cool completely. Using a paring knife, cut a hole into the center of the cupcake that extends a little bit more than half way through the cupcake.  Remove the center piece and set aside.  Fill with M&Ms just before the top of the cupcake.  Replace the cupcake top.  Repeat for all cupcakes, except 2-3 of them.  These will be the “trick” cupcakes and will only have frosting on top.

2.  Ice the cupcakes with your frosting.  Be careful of the loose tops because crumbles will break off if you don’t start with enough icing.  Repeat for all cupcakes and top with sprinkles.  Enjoy!

Spooky Sangria

1 bottle of Apothic Dark red wine
½ cup brandy
¼ cup Cointreau
Whatever fruit you like, diced…
    I used apples and sliced clementines

Adding the fruit first, mix all ingredients together in a pitcher.  Cover and let sit overnight or at least 7 hours.  Serve in a wine glass with some of the fruit.  If you like your sangria with a little fizz, you can top your glass with sparking water or ginger ale. Cheers and Happy Halloween!

    For more cocktail and food recipes or a step by step-by-guide to this recipe, visit my blog Whatcha Cooking Good Looking? at www.whatchacookinggoodlooking.com.


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