Vacation Fashions To Warm The Heart


Tammy Severino is the President of RPC Development, a business and development consulting firm for local businesses and not-for-profit organizations. She has more than 20 years of experience in writing, from business writing to journalism to creative writing, as well as in event planning for corporations, not-for-profit organizations and private clients.  In her spare time, this fashionista follows and writes about fashion, travel, and other lifestyle topics.
    I am a big fan of visits to warm climates with beautiful ocean views, tropical breezes hanging on the edge of palm fronds, and beautiful sunsets rich with purples, reds and oranges. The only thing that feels quite as good as the soft powdery sand under my feet I the light, billowy resort wear flowing during a casual walk along the beach. So, as I write this article and a quick glance to the window reminds me of the cold, white stuff falling from the sky, I will take comfort in thinking about what my favorite designers are showing for the lucky ones bound for sunnier spaces this winter season. 
    Trends this year are quite varied, so there is bound to be something to catch your eye, no matter what your taste. Soft pink is the biggest color of the season, with red, white and blue (patterns, ensembles, etc.) running a close second. Black and white polka dots are popular this year with several designers so anticipate seeing them in stores everywhere. Flowers, logos and stripes are the pattern trends available with your favorite designer. Big flowers and small, signs and symbols, stripes in every direction – you are sure to find fun and flare with your selection. 
    Tiers are quite popular with all of the designers, so expect to see maxi dresses that seem to flow from layer to layer…to layer. Bell sleeves are a hot trend, as are flared, cropped bottoms. Wide pants – almost to the extreme made their way along the runway and are expected to be a trend throughout the spring. Buckles embellish many a frock, jacket or belt to give your look a little punch. Bomber jackets have been given a make-over, short and cropped – perfect to go over your favorite evening outfit.  
    Lace is a staple for this time of year and 2017 is no exception. Pair with another piece – perhaps a bomber jacket or striped pant and you will have a great ensemble for your adventures. 
    Don’t forget to pack a new swimsuit for your trip. This season look for tassel tops, crop tops, and halters, as well as styles that lace up the sides or come in one shoulder styles. Your two-piece is still coming with teeny tiny bottoms or long line, high-waisted variations harkening back to the 1940s. Though an array of colors and patterns are being shown, the clear winners this season are nude tones, yellows, florals and animal print designs.  
    Don’t forget to pick up a few things for your guy – board shorts for the pool, along with linen shirts, shorts or slacks will do the trick. Logo shirts abound as do soft cotton pullovers.
    Winter can be harsh, but a trip to a warm, sunny locale can soften the season’s sharpest edges. If you have a getaway planned this winter, enjoy picking out a few new items before you go. Then head on out and have a great trip.