Everything You Need To Know About Having A Smart Kid


Connie Henriquez is a Teen Life Coach who works with kids & teens who suffer from anxiety and common childhood insecurities. Her specialty includes teaching them how to be confident, happy, make better decisions and LOVE their LIFE in as little as 30 days (regardless of what they have experienced in their past). For more information check out StartLovingLife.com or call (516) 340-0378.

Your kid is smart. Even if others say differently. Smart is defined in so many ways. Your kid doesn’t have to be a genius to be smart. Your kid doesn’t have to get straight A’s to be smart. YOU make your kids smart….by recognizing  ALL the amazing abilities they do have. Don’t limit them by holding them to a standard of what other people say is smart. Love your kids for who they are. Love your kids for who they are becoming. And most of all teach your kids that smart is not the ability to know, smart is the ability to love. Teach them to love themselves. And the smartness that is really them will be the smartest thing they will ever need to know. Be a smart parent. Teach smart by teaching them how to Start Loving Life®…

If you are against bullying you are going about life the wrong way.

Shocker, I know.  But here’s a fact: You can’t fight ANYTHING and win. Fighting of any kind is NOT beneficial. Most people would disagree, but those are typically the ones fighting anything and everything. Here’s a little secret: Whatever you give your attention to gets bigger. That’s right, bigger. I didn’t say better.  I said bigger. And if you are focused on something you do not want, that also gets bigger. Sounds like wasted energy to me. But that’s only because most people don’t realize that in order to affect anything positively in life (meaning achieving the ideal outcome) you must focus on what you want.  NOT the lack of it. Therefore, don’t be against bullying, because that is the problem.  

Instead, be for the solution which is instilling HARDCORE confidence in your kids, because when (and if) the bully comes around your kids will be so in-tune with who they are, they won’t even care. See the power in that? And this doesn’t just go for kids or bullies. It goes for life. Because sometimes the bully can be a friend, sibling, sometimes the bully can be a boss. Either way it doesn’t matter. Because when you believe in yourself…The only opinion of you that matters…Is your OWN.

Stop Anti-bullying and instead, START LOVING LIFE®.