2016: The Year You Get The Job You Truly Want


Don Benenson, SPHR, is the owner of MVP Resumes. He has over 30+ years of corporate HR experience and happily helps clients with resume preparation and interviewing skills. He can be reached at 
631-428-5877 or at  mvpresumes@yahoo.com

Why is it that the likelihood of meeting someone who is truly fulfilled at their job is about the same as bumping into Beyoncé in the produce aisle at Stop & Shop?

Let’s face it folks-there are a boatload more people stuck in jobs that at best are a means to an end versus those who are flourishing in jobs where they are fulfilled.  If you’re in the stuck group, then it’s time to make a New Year’s resolution to get you’re act together and get yourself a new gig.

I'm going to give you a simple plan of attack to help you. Let’ s say it’s my GIFT to all job seekers.

G – Get Your Resume And Cover Letter 
Into Super Bowl Shape
Whether you're a recent college grad, a seasoned professional, or workforce returnee in the job market, nothing happens until your phone rings and hiring managers begin finding out if you have the right stuff.  I’m convinced, and you should be as well, that the  quality of your cover letter and resume can and will change the quality of your life. I don't doubt that you can write an adequate resume. Most of my clients can. Unfortunately in today’s super competitive job market adequate resumes don't lead to interviews. Your first goal is to have a compelling story about yourself that makes employers want to learn more.

I – Intelligently Identify Appropriate 
A job search is challenging. Don’t make it feel even more because you haven’t gone through the process of intelligently identifying what you will, as well are will not, consider to be viable opportunities. As I support my clients through this process of crafting a targeted and doable job search plan, I always see a noticeable increase in their positive outlook and a reduction in their level of stress and frustration.
Searching for a job in like archery. You can have expert skills and the finest bow and arrows. But if you really can’t locate the bullseye all the other stuff is irrelevant.

F – Focus on Quality not Quantity
Avoid at all costs the trap that an effective job search is achieved by being a “ resume submitted machine”. Before sending out a single resume, ask yourself the following:

• What would be in a job post that matches up well to what I have on my resume?
• What would be in a job post that would indicate that getting this job would be a bit of a stretch?

By doing this analysis you can quickly identify the job posts you should apply for.  Don’t be shy about applying for stretch jobs. Many employers prefer applicants that don’t have a “perfect” background. They’d rather train a person to do things their way than break the work habits of someone who might have a “been there-done that” mindset.

T – Tune up  Your  interviewing Skills

Both the telephone interview and face to face interview processes are becoming increasingly challenging. No longer are applicant’s being asked general questions or drilled on entries on their resumes. You need to research your perspective employer, research their industry and prepare yourself to come across as a doer and difference maker. Oh, and please stop trying to figure out what the right answers are to interview questions. There are no right answers; there are just your answers.

I hope all job seekers get the jobs they want and deserve in 2016.