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ET WEEK Media Group Goes Live!

Broadening your exposure in your local market has never been better with our on line services that enable our viewers, your targeted customers, to access information about your business instantly. With our web based services you can broaden your reach well beyond our printed magazines.

Digital Flip Book

With each issue of ET Magazine printed, identical copies can be found on our home page of Just as our readers flip through the pages of our printed books, our viewers can get the same feel and look on line with some added value features.

Quick links to your website is accomplished when our viewers double click on your digital advertisement in our digital flip book. How’s that for providing additional exposure for your business at no additional cost.

Social Network Marketing is made simple for our viewers to send your advertisement to a friend or family member through Facebook and Twitter. You can bet that we will be encouraging our viewers to do just that. Having your advertisement go viral is another great way that ET Week helps build brand awareness in your local market

Browse, Click & Print your entire advertisement is made simple with our digitized flip book magazine. Viewers can browse the pages of our magazines and print the page they need. Having your ad on line for printing increases shelf life well beyond our printed magazine.

Coupon Search Engine Delivery

Now our readers can access coupons directly from our website by searching specific categories. So when Mrs. Smith needs a new hair style, she’ll select Hair Salons in her area and…Voila! Your coupon and map of your location will pop up, ready to print. Search – Click & Print. Its that simple. As an added bonus, all ET Week print advertisers will have their Up Close & Personal linked to their coupon. Wow! What a great way for our readers to get to know your business on line.