Fall Into Halloween


Kristin has been working in the natural products industry for over fifteen years as an expert in holistic beauty products
 nutrition and supplements. Also a fitness instructor, she is passionate about the mental and physical benefits of fitness and encourages people to reach their goals while having fun. She just completed her first book, a memoir. Follow her on Twitter @kristinjoylavin or visit her website: www.kristinjoylavin.com

Halloween is the second most popular holiday after Christmas. Remember when you celebrate this year, keeping it fun is just as important as staying safe and being healthy.

As fall kicks into full swing this October through the end of autumn, get busy enjoying the colorful bounty, delicious harvest and maybe even a bone chilling scream or two. Put on your fall sweaters and call some friends because there are many ways to enjoy the crisp autumn sunshine or plan your Halloween without trick or treating.

Pumpkin Picking – Whether you are decorating with pumpkins, making soup or roasted seeds, picking your own is great outdoor family time. Loaded with Vitamins A, E, B and minerals they also provide your body with dietary fiber. Once you’ve picked your fave, start eating, decorating, painting or carving a jack o lantern.

Be Safe – Remember that if kids pick a dark colored costume they should have something bright or reflective in their costume or have a small flashlight to carry if they are out at dusk or later.
Encourage kids to be complimentary to others and respectful of their neighborhoods. Afterwards go through your kids candy collection and help them make choices that are appropriate for their age and well-being.

Be Healthy – Here are some ideas to give healthier options for you, your family and your visitors. Small bags of Annie’s real cheddar bunnies, trail mix, raisins, pretzels, non-GMO popcorn or tortilla chips. If you go the candy route then choose high quality chocolate or candies that are free of artificial colors, preservatives, flavor additives and high fructose corn syrup. There are great options for lollipops, gummies, licorice and other candies now, using natural fruit flavors, organic cane sugar and veggie colors – red from beets, orange from carrots and green from spirulina and they don’t taste like it at all!  

Keep in mind certain children may have peanut or gluten allergies so have two or three options so no one feels left out. Many of your favorite brands are now offering more healthy and natural options satisfying consumer demand.

Halloween is a beloved American tradition that we can still carry on while offering healthier alternatives therefore exposing our kids to better options.