Fashion & Beauty: Spring Cleaning


With the sunny weather finally creeping back in, many of us are itching to dust off the sun dresses and sandals. However, you might note that the sun-shiny weather, and with it the high temperatures, only makes a brief appearance. Rolling in around noon, but exiting stage left by four p.m., the pleasant weather is fickle. Outside that window, it is frequently still chilly and decidedly more winter than summer. Such is the way of spring! But how to dress? How to celebrate warm hours, wedged in between cooler ones? Well…

Finding a lightweight jacket is one of the fastest ways to shift gears into spring. Say goodbye to your puffer jackets and your full-length fur coats. Say hello to the eternally classic camel trench. Whether your trench is from the iconic London Fog or a more modern brand, these coats are perfect for spring. Not heavy and specifically designed to wick rain, they will keep you dry whenever one of those famous spring showers hit! 

Light layers. It is windy and chilly in the morning, hot around noon, and cold again by dusk. How do you cope? By being versatile. Wear the sun dress you keep reaching for, but pair it with a reliable cardigan. When it gets too warm, take the cardigan off, and, should you get cold again, pull the sweater back on. Business casual has been popular again for a while now, making blazers the hot ticket item in every gal’s closet. Pairing one on with a longer skirt makes for a comfortable outfit that is office appropriate. Tossing a blazer over a simple t-shirt and jeans has been loving dubbed the “model off-duty” uniform. 

Color palettes. An easy, subliminal way to feel like your wardrobe has transitioned into spring is through color. Wearing varying shades of black, grey, and maroon will keep you mentally in winter. Reaching for a thin, lilac sweater instead of a thick, black one will tonally fit more with the general vibe and feeling associated with April than February. When people think spring, they think of light, bright colors. Dressing in soft blues and yellows, clean whites and pinks, will situate your outfit in that gentle spring color palette. 

And of course, shoes. You do not want to cook your feet in snow boots, nor freeze them in flip-flops. Try instead sneakers, loafers, and even ankle booties for the perfect cap-off.

Spring can be shockingly frustrating to dress for. The weather is usually at the heart of these upsets. Take into consideration the fluctuation of temperature, and try to prioritize your comfort when getting dressed for the day. The world is waking back up, so is your wardrobe!