Park Bake Shop

112 Main Street
Kings Park, 11754

In all my years of serving small business, the greatest reward has been, how much I’ve learned to remain viable. In today’s highly competitive market, Mom and Pop retailers need to stay two steps ahead of their competitors. Quality and service are key, but there is a deeper instinct that must be inherent for the brick and mortar store owner.
After visiting with Gabe and Lucy Shtanko, owners of Park Bake Shop, they owe a large part of their success to making emotional connections with each customer. Twenty-eight years ago, they had a dream of opening their own full-service bakery, where people can come and enjoy the freshest best baked goods in town. It was back in 1991 when the Shtanko’s opened their first bakery in North Babylon. After 11 years, they sold it and for the last 17, continued their success at Park Bake Shop of Kings Park.
Once arriving, you will soon see why this husband and wife team are at the top of their game and it shows. With his team of artisan bakers, Gabe commands the creation and quality control of every stitch that rolls out to their elaborate showcase of goodies. Lucy runs the front end of the business, ensuring that every customer’s needs are met, with an added sense of caring and a desire to please. As Lucy puts it, “We are blessed with having so many loyal customers. They treat us like we are family.” My response to Lucy was that, your customers treat you like family, because that is exactly the way you treat them. In fact, while I was preparing for the interview, a woman came up to me and asked who I was. Once telling her my purpose, she literally began performing, a Park Bake Shop commercial. She was very proud to tell me how much she enjoys coming there. “The people here are so warm and friendly. It’s just a very pleasant place to shop,” she exclaimed. That kind of says it all.
An Italian and American kosher bakery, Park Bake Shop, has endless showcases of delicious pastries, cakes, pies, cookies, beautifully baked breads and so much more. Your only problem is that once you arrive, you’ll be left in a world of indecision. Don’t stress! To take home a little of this and a little of that. Park Bake Shop specializes in creating any kind of cake imaginable, for that very special occasion—weddings too! Truth be told, every birthday family gathering, Lucy and Gabe make us their famous cannoli cake. One word, OUTRAGEOUS! If you can imagine it, Park Bake Shop can create it.
Gabe takes great pride in his craft. He’s been around bakeries from the time he was a young boy. “All of our baked goods are scratch made. No preservatives or additives of any kind and that you can take to the bank,” says Mr. Shtanko
Park Bake Shop’s philosophy is simple: Deliver the best quality and assortment of baked goods, with excellent service and a touch of love. Your first trip to Gabe and Lucy’s Park Bake Shop, is certain to be the only place you’ll return to for all your bakery needs.

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