Home & Garden: How Does Your Garden Grow?


After an April of far more than a few showers, a May of spectacular flowers seems a reasonable request. The soil is moist and healthy, and the sun is shining. So, what is the recipe for a colorful and lush front or backyard? Choosing your flowers involves a few key considerations – timing, color, and height.  

Timing involves the blooming cycle of each of your flowering trees, bulbs, perennials, and annuals. Some bloom early in spring while others will show their colors mid or late season. And, of course, some keep blooming all throughout the season. Selecting trees and flowers that bloom at different times of the season will provide your yard or front view with color all throughout the season. Be sure to place them in your garden based on partial or full sun or shade. Each flower has a preference. 

Height is another important consideration. If two sets of flowers bloom simultaneously, you’ll need varying heights to prevent one blocking out the other. This will also allow you to plant with depth in your flower beds. Your flower beds will have a richer look if flowers are set in the front, center, and back versus along in a single file row. In addition to ensuring each flower gets enough sunshine, the variation in height will underscore the depth and provide each flower type to have its own spotlight. Height will also allow you to choose a more manicured garden or, perhaps, a wilder, freer English garden effect. 

Color is so important in planning your yard. Choose what speaks to you. Do you prefer monotone? Choose a garden of all white, pink, or lavender for a dramatic effect. Two to three colors or shades that work well together will soften the look yet pull the overall garden ‘theme’ together. For more of a rainbow inspired vibe, choose a little of everything and enjoy the interplay of all the colors as they bloom throughout the spring and summer seasons. 

There are no hard, set rules here. The key is whether you are enjoying the environment you have created for yourself, your family, and any visitors you may have. Be sure you get to enjoy each bloom by giving each flower its own moment to shine. Water regularly as your flowers need a good drink every day once planted and, particularly when summer heat takes hold. A special note for our gardening pet owners…if you plan to take clippings of your flowers and bring them indoors, be sure your flowers are pet friendly. No flower is lovely enough to make up for harming a four-legged member of the family.

Happy gardening to one and all.