Olsens Nurseries

386 Lake Ave. S.
Nesconset, NY, 11767

Thirty years ago, Cal and Pam Olsen started Caam Construction Associates Inc., a landscaping fencing and gardening business. Through the years their family business has flourished by evolving to meet the needs of the times. Today, Leslie Giordanella operates Olsen’s Discount Nursery.

Olsen’s carries a full line of landscaping materials - everything from stone and blocks to plants and power tools. While most of their customers are professional landscapers, the homeowner is always welcome at Olsen’s. What makes this business unique is that just about anything you could possibly need to beautify the grounds of your home or business, is available at the store.

Because quality is paramount with the Olsen’s, they recently modified their name from Discount Nursery to Olsen’s Discount Nursery. While their prices are competitive, it was important to change the emphasis from price to quality. As Leslie explains, “If you buy a Rhododendron from our competitor because their prices are lower, and it dies, what have you saved? We pride ourselves on always giving our customers the very best quality at a good price.” Leslie has invested a great deal of research into providing plant stock that is strong, healthy and attractive.

According to a recent National Geographic story, gardening has become the number one outdoor leisure activity for the “non’professional” gardener.  Olsen’s has expanded their retail showroom to include many displays to help their customers make a selection or to inspire some new ideas. Seminars are regularly scheduled to help educate both novice and experienced gardener alike. A seminar on Water Gardening attracted 375 people over 3 days of hands-on instruction!
It’s the personalized attention, however, that sets Olsen’s apart from other garden suppliers. Leslie is always available to answer customer’s questions or to make recommendations. Dealing with professionals for so many years, the Olsen’s have acquired  a wealth of landscaping and gardening know-how from their customers which they gladly pass on to other customers.
Olsen’s Discount Nursery is located at 386 Lake Avenue South. For information about up-coming seminars or landscaping products call 631-265-8093.