Love Is A Many Splendored Thing


Maria DiGiorgio is a lifelong New Yorker, who currently resides in Commack, with her family.  She is a devoted wife and mother, an educator and designer.  She has a passion for interior decorating and loves to garden. She is an avid reader, and enjoys writing about life experiences and parenthood, as well as her personal observations about the world around us.

     Love is the most powerful emotion on Earth! It is incredibly complex and deeply layered, and yet, it can be so simple and automatic, we can feel it without much thought.  Love can grow and deepen over time or it can seemingly spring upon us in an instant, as when we set eyes on a potential soulmate or a newborn child. It is the very emotion that drives the human race – that is literally and figuratively the impetus for all creation.
     To love and to be loved are the singular most desired achievements of any human being. What is life without love? All goodness, kindness, and charity stems from love. Sacrifice, perseverance and dedication stem from love. The need to do more and be more for others, to be the very best version of ourselves, stems from love.
     People feel love in countless ways, to varying degrees and at different times throughout their lives. We love our partners, family and friends. We love our pets and homes. We love our jobs and hobbies. We love spending time with people we care about, or spending time in quiet contemplation. We love to travel or stay home and garden. The very term: “love” is used so often in our world, we sometimes completely forget the depth of its very meaning. Love is enormously transformative, taking on not just a multitude of forms, but also a multitude of intensity in emotion. Sometimes, love can be fleeting and at other times, it can endure for a lifetime. It can ebb and flow as we grow and evolve, or it can remain steadfast in its potency.  One thing remains certain: To live is to love and to love is to live!
     Love is evident in all living things. We see it in nature. We see it across the globe, in places so distant and as close as our own backyards. We see it in infants, toddlers, teens and mature adults. We feel it at all times in our lives, from different sources and manifestations. When we witness love in its purest state, we are moved to reflect upon and evaluate our own intentions. 
    Giving and receiving love should always be for the betterment and elevation of those involved. It should be life affirming and sustaining. It should be given and received with reverence and the understanding that something profound and genuinely awesome has transpired between and within us, for love is truly a splendorous thing!