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Printed Magazines Continue To Influence

Business owners are finally coming to terms with the reality that social media is not the “end all, be all” answer to building a...

Shrimpy’s Burrito Bar

Roughly 3 years ago two long-time friends Ryan DiPaola and John Nasta Jr. had a vision to bring something new and different to the...

Chicken & Veggie Couscous

It’s September… back to school time already! Boy did that breeze by quickly, but I hope everyone enjoyed a few lazy, hazy days of summer.

Parents & Kids In School & At Home

What can we do to help our kids through a crisis we ourselves have trouble dealing with? What do we have control over that can give them proper stability?

How to Subtly Sneak Essential Nutrients into your Child’s Food

Good nutrition is vital to keeping the immune system strong, the body working optimally and your weight under control. Unfortunately, our little ones do not fully grasp the importance of a well-balanced diet and may refuse to eat the good stuff which can make back ­­­­to school lunches, or any meal, a big source of stress for parents.

“Where Big Dreams Begin Little”

Thrilled to announce the opening of Dance Art’s Development Center in St. James, this is “Where Big Dreams Begin Little.” A motto and philosophy of Adriana Koppelmann, owner and director of the new DADC in St. James, formerly TJE Dance Force.

Transitioning from Summer to Fall

Before you know it, the fall season will be upon us, so make sure you’re not taking any sunny days for granted beyond this point. With only a few weeks left, we’ll officially be trading in our swimsuits for pants and sweaters.

Best of Burgers

Let’s all agree, there’s nothing like a great burger. Whether it’s a solid diner burger, or a craft burger patty from a local artisanal kitchen, the carnivore in me is always delighted to find a new, killer burger spot.

Farm Fresh and Fabulous! Tomatoes & Fresh Mozzarella Salad (Insalata Caprese)

I feel blessed to live on Long Island, especially during the summertime, when it flaunts its lush green landscapes and beautiful waterways. Home to many family owned farmsteads, the north and south shores are certainly the place to be this time of year. So, take full advantage by supporting your local farms and farmer’s markets; they are the ones that provide us with fresh, local grown vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, honey, homemade jellies, breads, pies and more.

Investors Bank Foundation Supports Michael Magro Foundation’s Project S.O.A.R. for Kids Recovering From Cancer

Long Island, NY: When school resumes in the fall, children everywhere will be adjusting to a new ‘normal’ due to COVID-19. For children who have been hospitalized or home undergoing cancer treatment, the adjustment will be very challenging. Thanks to a grant to Michael Magro Foundation’s Project S.O.A.R. from Investors Bank Foundation, these children and teens will find their transition back to school more comfortable.

Back To School Fashion 2020: A Return Like No Other

Some years it seems as though back to school ads begin as soon as the last day of school has come and gone. This year, amid COVID-19, the end of the school year was just another day of virtual learning, and the first day of school is an unknown. How, then, do you shop for your child when you don’t know if they will be walking into their school building or learning from home?

Chasing Happiness

Everyone is looking for something to happen before they can be happy - “If I just get that raise, new job, or find that wonderful relationship, then I know I will have found happiness.” Especially now, after feeling stuck and having been inside for months, we are waiting for the chance where happiness will find us. Like I tell my daughter, who at three years old, wakes up crying for reasons very small... “Let’s do something to change that”.
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Printed Magazines Continue To Influence

Business owners are finally coming to terms with the reality that social media is not the “end all, be all” answer to building a...

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