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Your Child’s Shyness: The Real Truth Behind It

When you teach children to love themselves, they feel better, perform better and are more comfortable being themselves around other people. 

Parenting : Back to School Time for Parents

When the school bell rings at the start of a new school year this September, parents will take note of the sudden silence at home. It is a moment to stop, catch your breath and think about the months ahead. Whether you are a working parent or staying home to care for the house and children, it seems we spend weeks preparing our children for the new school year.

Nurture Your Heart, Nurture Your Spirit

With the advent of each day, we must take the opportunity to reflect on what it is our soul longs for. What do we wish to do, where do we wish to go, and with whom do we wish to spend our time?

What’s the secret to being happy every day?

Many people tend to complain and focus on their problems without realizing that the origin stems from their own mind and thoughts.

Mother’s Day…It’s all about love.

Hello again, Friends. Our topic is Mother’s Day, which will be here before we know it. First, a bit of history...

The Mirror Has Two Faces

It is amazing, isn’t it, that we can view ourselves in a mirror one way, but see ourselves through our own eyes in another? Our perception of self is often different than the perception others have of us, and of the reflection we see when we glance in a mirror.

Do YOU feel guilty for wanting more out of life?

I remember in my early 20’s, sitting at a diner with an old friend catching up and discussing life. I recall being dissatisfied with where I was and pondering what was next. My friend said to me: “I feel as if you will never be happy. You are always wanting for the next. It’s as if you are never satisfied.”

Love and Self Care

It’s a new year. Congrats. Everyone wants the “new you”. It’s very exciting to look forward to bigger and better ideas. It’s empowering! We all want bigger, better, greater, and more! Right? Before you look forward, do you know who YOU are?

“Can We Talk?”

The incomparable Joan Rivers was famous for uttering this line in her comedy routines. She wanted to shed light on topics that didn’t always get discussed, and share her personal views on the very same. In today’s world, it would seem very little goes unsaid in the social media epidemic we find ourselves in.

Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

Love is the most powerful emotion on Earth! It is incredibly complex and deeply layered, and yet, it can be so simple and automatic, we can feel it without much thought. Love can grow and deepen over time or it can seemingly spring upon us in an instant, as when we set eyes on a potential soulmate or a newborn child.

Happy New Year. Just One Thing.

Dear Friends: Well, it’s the end of the year, and what do we think of most? New Year’s Resolutions, of course. So, let’s tell the truth here. How many resolutions did you make at the end of last year? Five? Ten? Twenty?

IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE! Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah.

When I started writing these articles for ET Week magazine, I often wondered why I was doing so. Afterall, wasn't my plate already very full?
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