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What Are You Grateful For?

This time of year, we have many things to be grateful for.We are grateful for our family and friends, our homes and our communities....

Someone That I Used To Know

Time marches on, no matter how hard we may try to stop it! We witness many changes over the course of our lifetimes. Relationships...


If we let our personal reserves run dry, we will have nothing left worth offering. We hear so much about the importance of offering compassion...

Grateful, Thankful, Blessed

  So many things come to mind when we hear this phrase! We think of family, friends, our homes, occupations, and the special relationships...

A Different Path

   Happiness and fulfillment are the cornerstones of a life well-lived.  They are also states of well-being that remain, at times, elusive throughout our...

How To improve Your Child’s Self-Esteem

The only problem with the children I work with is that they are defeating themselves in their own mind. That’s it. By doing this, they are slowly, over time, killing their self-esteem which negatively affects their self-image and impacts EVERY aspect of their life.


Loneliness is a word that conjures up many notions, most of which are sad or negative in nature. We may think of individuals who are without friends or family, sitting by themselves, almost invisible to those around them. When we think of someone as being lonely, we think of them as being socially awkward or uneasy.

Positive Parenting Solutions: The BEST GIFT you can give your child this Holiday Season!

December is here and it came quick! It makes you realize how quickly life goes by if we aren’t paying attention. Many parents go through days, weeks and months consumed with routine (or rat race of life), they neglect to actually enjoy life!

3 Holiday Activities to Engage with Loved Ones

Any time can be the right time to enjoy memorable moments with family members, but the holidays present a special opportunity to have meaningful conversations and interactions with loved ones.

Your Child’s Shyness: The Real Truth Behind It

When you teach children to love themselves, they feel better, perform better and are more comfortable being themselves around other people. 

Parenting : Back to School Time for Parents

When the school bell rings at the start of a new school year this September, parents will take note of the sudden silence at home. It is a moment to stop, catch your breath and think about the months ahead. Whether you are a working parent or staying home to care for the house and children, it seems we spend weeks preparing our children for the new school year.

Nurture Your Heart, Nurture Your Spirit

With the advent of each day, we must take the opportunity to reflect on what it is our soul longs for. What do we wish to do, where do we wish to go, and with whom do we wish to spend our time?
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