Personal Development Begins with the Right Attitude


Everyone wants great things in their lives. A wonderful family, treasured memories, valued experiences, strong personal relationships and financial security, or what I call peace of mind.

Peace of mind with few exceptions makes our experiences in life far more pleasurable.

Make no mistake about it. Money in all of its forms is important. A home on a beautiful tree lined street, dining at the finest restaurants, clothes that have you look your best or a fine education for our children, all signify it’s importance.

Incredible as it seems, people want better things,but fail to do anything about it.

Habit, Commitment and Discipline are big if you want to get ahead.

People try to do something once, twice, three, four, five, even ten times and fail. Then do something that winners never do…QUIT?! People compromise their own integrity and belief system. It’s a lot easier to give up and fail, then push on and deal with the pain of attaining success.

For some, there’s a subconscious belief that even if they try, chances are you’re are going to fail anyway, so what’s the point. Committing to go through all of the pain that is associated with success is just not worth the effort. Truth is, you’ve got to go through hell before you get to heaven.

Hell is the sacrifice that you make to succeed. Sacrificing time away from things that are not enriching your life. Things that have absolutely no value, other than a cheap thrill for the moment. Ask yourself this question. Do I have a better chance of enriching my life by learning something new about my industry or profession or watching a one hour episode of “The Kardashians”? The only ones getting enriched are the Kardashians with the time you wasted in driving up their ratings!

Having a positive mental attitude, is where it all begins. A mindset of trying to do something is not as powerful as saying I will do something. No matter how painful or disappointed you become, remaining focused and discipline makes all the difference. By forming good habits with discipline, you can attain what it is you so desire.

By definition, success is anything you want it to be. Attaining a particular role in a Fortune 500 company or a management position in a small business.Becoming the top sales person on your team certainly defines success. To reach and achieve anything is a simple way of explaining it.

Desire, Belief and Commitment are the building blocks for attaining greatness. In the readings of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, what you you wish to accomplish and set out to do, can be, providing there is a goal with organized plans for it’s achievement. It all begins with creating good habits. Habits that lead to progressive change. Nothing happens in a week or two. Everything that’s worth achieving takes a commitment of time.

Become disciplined enough to realize that getting good at something does take time. Getting great at something takes a life time.

It’s been said, “The only thing that time does is pass”. Whether you do something with it or not, time just doesn’t give a crap. I figure, its better to do something with it than not. When you look back at what you achieved, you’ll feel good about the sacrifice you made.

I was listening to a podcast today from Jeffrey Gitomer, a renowned sales trainer and philosophical motivator. He was talking about his philosophy for success. “You become great at what you do, so you can become a great person”. Going on he says, “You should want to be the best you can be, so you can be the best for others”.

Isn’t this something that we all want? To create greater value in ourselves, so we are able to enrich others. Our families look to us for security, protection and to have all the answers, right?

How can we enrich others, if we are not enriching ourselves. Nothing could be more important than being the best you can be. Realize this once and for all, the most important person on earth is you! By not helping yourself first, you cannot help others.

Ever wonder why a flight attendant on a plane reminds us, “Should the aircraft lose cabin pressure, an oxygen mask will drop down. Make sure you put yours on first, before attempting to help others.”

Get the picture? If things haven’t turned out for you the way you’ve hoped. If you would like to get more out of life and experience the wonderful feeling of winning, than now is the time to take action.

It’s all up to you!