Winter Fashion ‘24 Trend Alert


Winter Fashion 2024 : Not for the Faint of Heart

Winter 2024 is upon us and fashion trends for the season are as bold and noteworthy as the weather. Let’s take a stroll through some of the styles that went from the runway to racks for this winter.

Princess Diana was, in her lifetime, a fashion icon with her style and taste in clothing. This season is a veritable homage to the ‘People’s Princess’, with modern updates for her many looks. Her sophisticated styles from dresses with drop-waists to evening wear with clean form-fitting lines and off the shoulder tailoring is a staple for the season. Pair your ensemble with a classic high-heeled pump to complete the look. Day wear and office looks with clean, classic design also reflect the nod to the princess.

Monochromatic style is a very hot trend for the season. Whether a chunky sweater paired with a miniskirt or a blazer dress and a great pair of boots, you will be spot on once you’ve added matching color tights. The look can be done with ivory, black, and brown, but stands out in a bold and vibrant color (think hot pink or bright yellow). If you’re opting for one of the season’s extra mini mini-skirts, complete the look with above the knee stockings, a popular trend for the season.

Another key trend for the season is the double denim look. Try pairing a denim jumpsuit with a denim coat or a skirt and top of matching denim for the look. Some will even add footwear in denim for a top to bottom denim ensemble. Denim not your look? How about glittering silver? That is the opposite look that is roaring in like gangbusters. Give a some sparkle a try – either as a principal part of your outfit or added as an accessory in your ensemble – purse, shoe, jewelry or all three. And be sure to look for a long duster-length jacket to stay fashionable. Your options include tried and true looks (leather in black and brown), bright shades and even sheer.

Trying to decide what colors to choose for this winter? Red is, without question, the favorite of designers for winter. Bright pink remains popular, likely in the wake of the success of the Barbie movie. Pastel palettes, usually appearing in spring and summer styles, is quite popular for this winter. Think of Sweet Tart candies…if it is in the candy package, it is on the runway this time around.

Accessories for the season follow along with the looks noted above. The one key addition to note is that of fuzzy accessories. You will find boots, shoes, purses, and totes, as well as hair accessories and more in looks that range from fuzzy to actually [faux-]furry. It is one of the cozy effects you’d likely expect for winter and will, hopefully, help keep you warm as the temperatures drop.

Select one style or select them all. Whatever you choose, enjoy the fun of the fashions and be sure you feel fabulous in what you put on.



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Tammy Severino
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