A Toast to the Holiday Season


It’s time to toast to the holiday season

with a glass of something festive in hand. Whether it is decorating your Christmas tree, hosting a holiday party, or just hanging with friends and family, there is nothing better to get in the holiday spirit than celebrating with a good cocktail or mocktail.

When it comes down to creating the perfect drink, think simplicity, flavor and garnishing. I have created two recipes below that can be both enjoyed at any age as a mocktail or cocktail (over 21 years of age).

INGREDIENTS : 10 oz. sparkling water or seltzer*   Splash of cranberry juice

ICE CUBES : Add cranberries to ice tray, add water, and freeze overnight

GARNISH : Thyme, rosemary stems, or even candy canes!

INSTRUCTIONS : Add 3-4 cranberry ice cubes to a glass. Combine the sparkling water* with a splash of cranberry juice. Garnish with thyme or rosemary. Enjoy!

*For cocktail, substitute sparkling water or seltzer with Prosecco or champagne

INGREDIENTS :1 oz. Bailey’s cream liqueur 2 oz. Vodka Ice  2 oz. Milk of Choice 1 tbsp. hot chocolate powder or chocolate syrup

RIM : Chocolate syrup & crushed graham crackers

GARNISH : Marshmallows, torched

INSTRUCTIONS : Pour Bailey’s, vodka, milk, and chocolate into shaker with ice. Pour Cocktail over ice in a clear glass or mug.

Pour chocolate syrup in a circle on plate the same size as your glass, then dip rim into chocolate syrup. Add the crushed graham crackers to the rim. Garnish with torched marshmallows. Can also add whipped cream or shaved chocolate pieces.

*To make this a mocktail, make chocolate milk and decorate the rim and garnish the same way.