Being Well with a Busy Schedule


As the summer creeps towards the end, there comes a natural shift to our schedules. Kids go back to school, traffic becomes congested, and the pull to get more organized becomes more like a yank. It’s easy to get caught up in a busy schedule, abandoning your wellbeing as you fit in every appointment and play date, but we know there’s a way to keep your wellness as a non-negotiable.

“I’ve been in the wellness world for 11 years now, and every year I see the same trend,” says Charlotte. “Late summer is when studios and gyms are empty, then September rolls around and there are barely any parking spots! Then attendance begins to trickle down in mid-October, when people start to feel the burnout of juggling too much.”

It is an unfortunate fact that wellness is often the first thing to go when schedules get busy. There’s a tendency to skip workouts, grab quick meals, and allow stress to run high when the to-do list gets long. “Wellness doesn’t have to be overwhelming,” offers Leslie, “it can be as simple as starting the day with a deep breath and five minutes of stretching while your coffee brews.”

“People get stuck in this all-or-nothing mindset,” Charlotte chimes in. “If they can’t fit in an hour-long yoga class, they might as well give up on moving their body all together.”

Carving out time for wellness, no matter how small, subconsciously solidifies the fact that your wellbeing is non-negotiable. Making a habit of prioritizing your wellbeing decreases the likelihood of experiencing the burnout that stops you from being well in the first place.

Try this :

  1. Grab a piece of paper and make seven columns. Title them the days of the week. Make four rows beneath each column. Title them “Mental, Physical, Spiritual, and Social.”
  2. Choose at least 1 pillar of wellness that you can commit to for each day. The key here is to not take on too much!

“The cool thing is that there are so many opportunities to combine these pillars of wellness,” says Charlotte, “going to a yoga class with a friend  checks all 4 of the pillars. Talking about your feelings with a loved one on a walk checks 3 of them.”

“Wellness doesn’t have to be hard,” says Leslie, “it just has to be intentional.” If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that these small steps added together make a big impact. Taking time for yourself during busy seasons keeps your body, mind, and spirit healthy. At Breathe Strength Studio, every class prioritizes the Four Pillars of Sustainable Wellness. If you’re interested in support in this area, check out the schedule at

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Charlotte and Leslie
Charlotte Muller and Leslie Van Bell are BFFs, yoga teachers, and humans who deeply value community. Their podcast, Stronger Together, exists to remind you that you are never alone and wellness is rarely easy. Charlotte is a wellness professional of over a decade. She and her fiance own and operate Pulse Barbell Club and Breathe Strength Wellness in her hometown of Northport. You can find her on social media @breathe_strength. Leslie Van Bell is a mother, special educator, and yoga teacher, with 25+ years of experience and expertise in social/emotional learning and mindfulness. You can find Leslie on Instagram at @leslievanbell.