Fashion & Beauty: Botox Treatments


In a world concentrated on the perfect aesthetic in every field of life, it isn’t shocking that the global market for facial aesthetics is valued over $6 Billion dollars and projected to grow.

A few years ago people approached the world of aesthetics in pursuit of BBL’s, boob jobs, lip and cheek filler and botox; basically everything and anything to get them resembling a Kardashian. Admiringly the game has changed. People are now approaching aesthetics procedures as a way to enhance their natural beauty, rather than overindulge.

The idea of natural beauty and remaining youthful is top priority in 2024. Women are pampering themselves with minimally invasive procedures that appear to stop the hands of time, smooth out wrinkles and categorize them as a method of self-care.

The most sought after practice is Botox. Botulinum neurotoxin, also known as Botox, is a highly potent neurotoxin protein that temporarily paralyzes muscles, reducing the presence of fine lines and facial wrinkles.

Botox, which is a trademark name for a specific brand of the neurotoxin, has become the universal term for the treatment. Presently people are flocking to Botox as a way to hold on to their youth and maintain their own facial features.

Something as simple as getting rid of 11 lines between eyebrows and removing crows’ feet has women leaving their appointments feeling like a new person. One of the most common outcomes of receiving botox is an increase in self-confidence and reduced anxiety about one’s physical appearance.

That could be the reason women are beginning these treatments at a younger age than in previous years. Kayla Core, a physician assistant specializing in aesthetic medicine, says that most of her patients are in their mid to late 20’s and love how these treatments are keeping their skin fresh.

Women in their 20’s are getting botox treatments as a preventative measure against allowing deep lines to form and settle in their skin.

Core claims that the most desired areas of treatment are forehead lines and lip flips. Lip flips give a more natural look than injecting lips with filler. A lip flip is when botox is injected into the muscles of the upper lip to prevent the muscles from contracting when smiling, creating the appearance of a larger upper lip.

The few injections in the top lip create a “flip” effect in the appearance of the lip allowing the top lip to remain prominent. It’s almost better than using a filter for instagram pictures, you can give a full smile and still show your top lip.

Facial aesthetic treatments have become more celebrated and less taboo as celebrities and other social media influencers have been honest about the work they get done. Facial aesthetics is here to help overall aesthetics.