Up Close: Carmelina’s Pizzeria Ristorante


61a Rte. 111 • Smithtown
(Uncle Giuseppe’s Shopping Center)
Website: Carmelinas Pizzeria Restaurant of Smithtown 


Trends come and go, but as I always say, “bringing in back old school is the only way”! I don’t just mean good old fashion cooking like Nonna used to make back in the day, but the whole feel-good experience with people you care about. Great food, cool vibe with exceptional service signifies everything Carmelina’s. Opening in August of 2023, owners Jack Romano and Tommy Giordano have that hands on philosophy. Tommy, who has been making pies since he was a kid, is always in hot pursuit of making the best pies this side of Naples, while Jack, if not in the kitchen cooking, makes it his business to make every customer feel like family. Though Tommy is busy cranking out the pies, nothing stops him from running out onto the dining floor to greet his customers. 

As a small business owner myself, this kind of old-fashioned service is priceless. You don’t see much of this anymore, but Tommy and Jack get it. The owners continue, “with every meal we serve, our reputation for making customers feel good has spread very quickly. It’s not just about serving them great food but getting to know who they are. It’s all part of the experience of coming down to enjoy the same food we grew up with”, says Tommy. All I can say is wow. I love the passion these guys put into their business, and it shows. Both Tommy and Jack come with decades of experience in the food biz. In fact, Jack not only was an executive chef at some high-profile restaurants in the city, but also owned several restaurants himself. 

When you come to Carmelina’s try their grandma pie, it’s an absolute must. A thin Sicilian crust pan pizza made with plum tomatoes and fresh mozzarella made right here in their own kitchen. I don’t know any local pizzeria that makes their own mozzarella. No wonder people are knocking down their doors to get their pies!! The good news is that Carmelina’s is affordable. An entire family can enjoy a fantastic take-out special right now that feeds a family of four for just $48.95. A great family value that comes with  a selection of salads, entrees, and pastas to choose from. “An affordable family package that has really grown in popularity since our opening,” explains Jack. The owners also make it their business to put their heart into the community, by supporting local fund raisers and schools. As the owners explain to me, “we must be there for the people that support us. That’s what community is all about”

I don’t care what anyone says. Give me some good old fashion service by a couple of guys who really care, and I’ll tell you straight up, that’s a permanent trend you can count on. Please join me in congratulating Tommy and Jack as they continue to make everyone feel like Familia.