Health and Wellness and Giving Thanks


Here are some tips on health and well being to guide you through Thanksgiving and the winter holidays.


One thing for certain is that without our health, we may find it difficult to be grateful for the other blessings in our lives. I am going to elaborate on what my mother used to say: with good health, you have everything. All else will follow in its time and place. Here are some tips on health and well-being to guide you through Thanksgiving and the winter holidays.

Give a prayer of thanks before each meal. Imbue your food through the gratitude symbol by making three counter-clockwise spirals over your food or water. Native Americans used to say a prayer before and after killing their prey, giving thanks to the animal for sacrificing their life.

Walk for heart, bone and mental health. Walking, yoga, weight-bearing exercises, and strength training keep you fit at any age ( If you love the outdoors, hike, bike, or ski as winter draws near.

Surround yourself with friends and family as often as possible. We recently visited with friends who moved to the Finger Lakes region so that they could be near their children and grandchildren. We were four couples who shared meals, music, laughter, and reminisced about “the old days.” We left there feeling well connected to them and their new home.

Kindness goes a long way. I’ll never forget the man who paid for my items at a Dollar Store this past summer. Even though we were both “masked,” I could see his eyes smiling as he bestowed a priceless gift to me. Check in with an elderly relative by phone or pay a quick visit. Bring a homemade gift. Donate food to a homeless shelter or food pantry. Volunteer at a church or soup kitchen.

Prepare healthy meals together. Today there are so many food services such as Daily Harvest ( that prepare and sell pre-made smoothies, harvest bowls, and soups. On weekends, prepare meals with your family so that everyone has input for the week’s meals.

Even though this past year and a half has been difficult, let us give thanks to those whose love and support have guided us through these challenging times. As my mother used to say, “There is always someone worse off than ourselves.” Hug a friend or a neighbor. Smile. Do a good deed. Give thanks for all you have.