For anyone who owns dogs, we can agree they mean a lot to us. As an owner of five, I tell you, that if anything ever happened to one of my babies, I would lose it! Many years ago, my golden retriever dug under my fence and escaped! It wasn’t until three days later that a kind stranger returned our “Sundance”. If it weren’t for Sundance’s identification tag, who knows what would’ve happened!

If anything like this happened to you, No-Diggity-Dog has your solution! No-Diggity-Dog is a family owned and operated business located in Bohemia, NY. The diligent owners invented a product that is certain to keep your pets safe in your yard! The owner has explained that a fenced-in yard gives pet owners a “false sense of security” and this product reassures your pets are safe and secure!

No-Diggity-Dog’s personal story that inspired them to create this amazing product is truly eye-opening. “One day as I stepped outside to get the mail, to my surprise, I found my dog “Ranger” on the front porch. I wasn’t sure how Ranger managed to find his way out of the fenced-in yard. After seeing him so scared and out of place, my emotions quickly changed from shocked to thankful. I proceeded to go to the backyard to discover Ranger had been digging under the fence. The “What Ifs” started to kick in. What if I hadn’t gone out to the mailbox? Something had to be done. I immediately laid down wood, but it didn’t work! Rocks were used, but he dug around them. I even tried placing yard furniture to block him from digging. I finally turned to the internet only to find shock and spike collars along with shock fences. This didn’t seem humane to me. I knew I had to figure out another way. After numerous failed attempts and my lawn looking disheveled, I realized it was up to me to create my own product. I wanted a product that would not only close the gap under the fence but also prevent the dog from digging. At last, the No-Diggity-Dog Fence Guard emerged.”

No-Diggity-Dog is very excited to share their newly innovative custom steel product! This will finally put your minds at ease as No-Diggity-Dog creates a “No Dig Zone” around the perimeter of your yard. Did we mention it doesn’t disturb your lawn maintenance either!? No-Diggity-Dog is very feasible to install and is the first of its kind to reassure your pets are kept safe!

No-Diggity-Dog manufactures everything here on Long Island. If you need additional parts, just give them a call! In addition to their Fence Guard, No-Diggity-Dog sells steel wall art such as leash holders, key holders and durable pet feeding stands. Call No-Diggity-Dog and they will be happy to explain their new innovative product! Phone: 631-202-0674