Rainy Day Fashion: Be Fantastic Through the Showers, Then Watch Those May Flowers Bloom


Fewer weather trends make it harder to select an outfit than a rainy day. And once we get into late winter or early spring, many parts of the nation find ourselves experiencing several days in a row of rainy or misty weather. Those raindrops may feed the grass, plants, and flowers, but if you don’t plan well, your outfit may wilt more than an overwatered flower.

The keys to planning your outfit for the rain are to highlight your outerwear and footwear and to keep comfort front of mind. Jackets for the season may range from raincoats – both long and short – to puffers depending on the temperature. The key is to choose an item that will repel the water or dry quickly. A denim jacket will get very wet and hold that water for hours, leaving you cold and uncomfortable. Booties in high shine or patent leather will likely repel rainwater as will waterproof suede. Pair your booties with jeans [under the jacket denim is a good choice] and a button-down blouse, topped with a car-coat length rain jacket for a classic, comfortable ensemble to move throughout a rainy day. 

For an understated look with which to move throughout a rainy day, consider a monochromatic maxi-dress with a long raincoat atop it. Paired with those waterproof suede booties and, perhaps, an unstructured tote bag in the same fabric, you will be picture perfect as you effortlessly jump over a puddle. 

The monochromatic trend of fall and winter works beautifully on a rainy day. Pair a solid color dress with a jacket of the same color (or one shade darker). Complete the look with an umbrella and shoes in that same shade. Whether a bootie, water-repellent leather sneaker or a stacked-heeled patent leather Mary Jane, you will be sporting a look that is simply stunning. 

Looking for something truly casual on a rainy day? Try wearing your most comfortable leggings or sweatpants with a pair of just-below-the-knee waterproof boots. Add a great sweater and a hooded raincoat. You will be stylish, comfortable, and, of course, dry. Need a little ‘zing’? Add a hat or some costume jewelry. Try an extra-long necklace or hoop earrings for a little sparkle. Another casual, comfortable, and rain-friendly option is cargo pants. Pair them with a tank top or shell and top with a large, boyfriend cut leather blazer. It’s a great look for the weekend, a casual evening out, or even a midweek lunch with a friend.

If the sun sets but the rain keeps falling, stay rainy day stylish in a short to mini skirt (depending on your comfort zone) with a slimmer sweater, biker boots and a long, fabulous raincoat. What can top your business apparel by day can take on a whole new look come evening when paired with a very different outfit and footwear.

A little rain falling from the sky is no reason to think you cannot look your best. With the right items, you will look your best no matter how hard the rain comes down. And don’t forget, behind those April showers are May’s beautiful flowers.