Just because the pace of life is now speeding up, doesn’t mean that self-care should be put on the back burner.


Self-care is kind of a buzz word today. It gained a lot of popularity in 2020 when we were all faced with less to do and more time to do it. Many of us realized, maybe for the first time, just how little attention we gave to our own wellbeing, and took some steps to begin to nurture ourselves physically, emotionally and even spiritually.

Just because the pace of life is now speeding up, doesn’t mean that self-care should be put on the back burner. More than just facial masks and getting more exercise, self-care comes in a variety of ways. For National Wellness Month, try including some of these fun, free activities into your routine just because they feel good; the beauty is that they may be things you can do with other’s or if you prefer, by yourself.

Really enjoy a sunset. We’re fortunate on Long Island to have so many lovely vistas to catch a glorious summer sunset. Make a night of it and grab a blanket, some snacks and head to a park, harbor or any West-facing beach. Seeing the sky change colors, feeling the breeze and waiting for that special moment when the sun hits the horizon, are all better than any television show. Spend it with friends, family or even by yourself, and stay late to look up at the stars.


Stop by a nursery greenhouse and take time to smell the flowers. Nurseries and greenhouses are along almost every road you go down, but did you ever think to stop at one and just stroll through? Enjoy the warmth, varieties, scents, colors and butterflies. Gift yourself with an exotic flowering plant for your home or garden.

Send an old friend a hand written card or letter (email and Facebook messages don’t count), just to say you’re thinking of them. You know how great it feels to get a birthday card or an actual letter in the snail mail? Do that for someone else and the by-product will have you feeling great. It’s a wonderful way to reignite an old friendship and open the door for better communication.

Try not complaining for one whole week. Okay, that’s tough. How about one whole day? For just one day, try not to complain about anything! It’s harder than you think, but a funny thing happens. First, you’ll become aware of how often you do complain, then you’ll start to notice how much you actually have to be grateful for. That is self-care at its best.

You can still pamper yourself with massages, manicures and meditation, but try some of these refreshing activities this summer and see how much better you will feel!