The Mirror Has Two Faces


Maria DiGiorgio is a lifelong New Yorker, who currently resides in Commack, 
with her family.  She is a devoted wife and mother, an educator and designer.  

“We are looking inward, within our soul and our psyche.”

     It is amazing, isn’t it, that we can view ourselves in a mirror one way, but see ourselves through our own eyes in another?  Our perception of self is often different than the perception others have of us, and of the reflection we see when we glance in a mirror.  The physical image belies the spiritual and emotional presence we can never separate ourselves from.  When we look into a mirror, we not only see the physical personification of ourselves, but the deeper image of the person we are beneath.   We are looking inward, within our soul and our psyche.  This dimension cannot be seen, except through perception.  It is this facet that can leave us feeling, at times, perplexed and conflicted.   
     Our perception of self begins to form at a very tender age.  Through interaction with those closest to us, as well as life circumstances and the world, at large, we start to cultivate a set of beliefs about ourselves.  These beliefs, both positive and negative, become inextricably woven into the fabric of our lives.  This combination of factors works to shape the image we have of ourselves, and therefore, what and whom we see, each day, when we gaze at our reflection.  As such, we may struggle with self-acceptance or feelings of inadequacy.  If we have been fortunate enough to receive an abundance of positive reinforcement along the way, we may embrace the image we see before us, and celebrate the person we believe ourselves to be.
     It is important to be aware of this phenomenon, and to know and understand that our perception of self is subject to change.  It is fluid, just as our moods are.  Situations, encounters and occurrences can and will dictate the way in which we grow personally, develop and alter our self-perceptions.  We can greatly influence the way we feel about ourselves, by making a conscious choice to view ourselves in a positive and self-affirming light.  No one is perfect (another misperception), but we can strive to be our very best selves.  Thereby, reconciling the image we, and others “see” with the reality of who we are, will bring us greater peace and joy in the process.