Thoughtful Gifts For Mom


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In beginning this article, I wanted to find out the origin of Mother’s Day. To my delight, it was not created by a card company but rather by Anna Jarvis in 1908, according to Wikipedia. When her mom died in 1905 she began a shrine to honor her mother’s work with wounded soldiers in the American Civil War. She thought all mothers should be honored and remembered and campaigned for a day to honor all mothers until it became official in 1908. Nowadays many holidays become about obligation because there are so many and because we are all so busy. Let’s not forget what Mother’s Day truly is; a time to honor a biological mom, an adopted mom, wife, a friend, a grandma, an aunt, a pet mom and any others who are special to us.  

Gifts with meaning, no matter what their dollar amount are the most cherished ones. See below for some ideas to honor, spend time with and show mom how much she is loved. Of course, they are wellness inspired.

• Have Mom over for dinner or brunch and make her favorite dish or dessert. Something homemade is always special. Try an organic egg frittata with a salad or grilled wild salmon with quinoa and kale salad.
• Go see a funny or heart warming movie, eat popcorn and laugh. People who laugh live longer and deal with stress better.
• Music sooths the soul, take Mom to a concert. There is nothing like live entertainment to enjoy together. Try local options like The Paramount, John Engeman Theater, Jones Beach, the Theater in Westbury or NYC’s Broadway. 
• Go for a walk and picnic in Central Park
• Take the ferry over to Fire Island and have dinner or lunch once it warms up.
• Take a day trip to Montauk, see the lighthouse and go biking.
• Visit an organic restaurant which supports local farmers and sustainability.
• Get Mom a yoga or gym gift card and take a class together.
• Buy her a juicer or blender to make healthy treats and smoothies.
• Buy a handmade, thoughtful gift on where you are supporting artists and craftsman. So many price ranges and options.
• Adult coloring is hot! Buy her a Zen coloring book and watercolor pencils. Coloring reduces stress and promotes creativity.
• Make her something homemade using your mad skills…knit a scarf, make an E-photo album, create a bouquet from your garden, paint her a pic, write a beautiful poem/note or bake some treats.
• Clean her house. This doesn’t cost a thing but your time and energy.
• Massage and facial gift cards are wellness gifts that feel good and are beneficial.
• Book a class at a paint studio where you can paint together and have fun.

Lastly, give that Mom you are celebrating a loving hug or kiss and tell her how much you appreciate her. That is one of the best gifts of all.