What’s the secret to being happy every day?


Connie Henriquez H.H.C. is a Teen Life Coach who teaches 
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  There is only one thing to rely on for happiness in your life: The power of your mind.

    Many people tend to complain and focus on their problems without realizing that the origin stems from their own mind and thoughts. As a result, negative people usually have the worst luck, nothing ever goes their way, or they are always sick and suffering from some physical ailment (i.e. neck ache, back ache, etc.). 

 How you think and feel is how the world reflects back to you. That’s why happy, positive people typically have good luck and good health – the best combination.
    Consider the people you know. Are they happy, positive and loving life?  Or, are they cranky, stressed and just getting by in life? Whether good or bad, your thoughts will reflect how 
you feel. It is not a coincidence!  
    So, knowing this information, why do many people continue to complain and focus on all the negativity around them?  They do not believe they have the power to improve their life one thought at a time.  However, the great news is… YOU have the power! And, it’s easier than you think.
    First and foremost is becoming more aware of how you think and speak. For example, when you wake up, you can choose to be excited and anticipate a great day ahead. Or, you can dread getting out of bed and focus on all the reasons you don’t want to go to work. Which will result in you having a great day?
    Another example: when you get to work, you can greet your co-workers in a happy mood and spread positive vibes. Or, you can show up with negativity, recap how you couldn’t sleep and complain about whether it’s 5pm yet. Which will result in you having a great day?
    Last but not least, you can reflect on all the postitivity that occured throughout your day. Thoughts such as: I’m happy I got to work on time; Sally and I had a great laugh about that work project; lunch was good today. Or, you can focus on what went wrong: This was the longest day ever; Sally is so annoying; My boss has no clue; I can’t stand this job. Which will result in you having a great evening?
    I’m sure by now you’ve come to the conclusion that people who are deliberately positive and  opportunistic will find happiness. However, that is not to say bad things will never happen. There will be days that are not the best. Of course, that’s  life. But, you do have a choice on what you give your attention to and what you choose to speak about.
    So, how can YOU start thinking differently today? Imagine your life as you want it be, as opposed to how it’s been. Keep negativity away and enforce positive thoughts and vibes; good fortune will follow. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Just give it a try.