Fertilizer Out Of Fresh Air


Bill Lauto is an Environmental Scientist and Energy Consultant who has been teaching how we can save our money, energy, environment, and health, since 1982. Mr. Lauto operates GoingTrueGreen.com and his work has been published in magazines such as: Consumer Report, Kiplinger's Financial and Business Ethics.

Many of us have heard of sayings such as: “Money doesn’t grow on trees” and “You can’t just make money appear out of thin air.”

Well, let us try this… I am sure most of us would like to know how we can save money by getting something for Free “Out Of Thin Air?” Too good to be true, right? This time the answer is TRUE!

Everyone who is taking care of a lawn and garden will be fertilizing that lawn, flowers, or vegetables, this Springtime season. We all know how much money we can spend on buying fertilizer, top soil and mulch. Even when we buy fertilizer on SALE, we are still spending a great deal of money to keep our grass a deep dark shade of green. So are we wasting our money on products that we really don’t need to buy, because we can get fertilizer for free out of thin air?

Here are some facts that everyone finds very intriguing:

When a lightning storm occurs, that will naturally fertilize all living plants! The science behind this is as follows: Lightning causes the nitrogen molecules in the air to cling to the oxygen molecules. This bond forms nitrogen oxides. The nitrogen oxides will either fall from the sky or be collected by the rain drops. Fertilizer’s main ingredient is nitrogen. So stop buying a product that God provides to us for free. 

Now to enhance this Free benefit from the sky, many farmers will run bare copper wiring around copper stakes to form a loop around the tomato plants or winter squash. The copper wire will attract static electricity and add more nitrogen to the soil. However, I found the following to be an easier step and a better solution:

First, nitrogen from lightning will not be enough for many plants to grow as strong or as big as you may like. However, that is seen by some people as one’s own opinion. NASA has data showing that more than 2,000 thunderstorms take place around the world at any given time. Combined, these storms produce at least 100 lightning flashes per second. Yet, in addition to nitrogen helping plant life, so does bacteria. That is the extra step I take to fertilizer my plants and food that I grow. This action is called COMPOSTING.

I make my own dirt, aka Top Soil, aka Fertilizer. To read more about how to fertilize for free and save even more money, revisit my 3/22/15 article in ET Weekly called Composting? Not Me? You will find the article under the Home & Garden section.

These are just two more Going True Green actions to living a more sustainable life that saves you money, energy, health, and our environment!