In Honor of My Father


Though 22 years have gone by since his passing, I have vivid memories of him and the meaningful impact he had on my life. He fulfilled his responsibility as a father, as I fulfilled my devotion and respect for him as a son. In his own quiet way, my father had always been there for me. Though my dad rarely expressed his feelings outright, I never doubted the love he had for me. He would always tell my mother how he felt; she in turn, would share with me my father’s thoughts.


My father loved everyone and all of nature’s beauty. He was a true outdoorsman. I recall stories of my Father hand feeding turtles and a school of sunfish, that came up to the water’s edge in a canal by their home. He adored nature and respected it–a kind of modern day Dr. Doolittle. My father served honorably in the US Army during World War II, yet we never once spoke about his experiences. After his passing, I learned that Dad earned eight medals for his service. I proudly display them, along with his ceremonial folded flag, in my office.


My father has been an inspiration to me in many ways. He taught me to look at adversities in my life as nothing more than a hurdle to overcome. I also learned to honor and respect others, even when conflicts arise.


I have fond memories of dad leading us into the Canadian wilderness, staying in log cabins on a remote lake–just for a bass or pike. These are the experiences that brought our family ties close. I know this, because as my father did, I too have enjoyed similar experiences with my family. Dad brought song into our home too! And what a voice he had. Most said he sounded like, “Ol Blue Eyes”. Influenced by his musical ability, I had a bit of a rock and roll band growing up. As a result, my love of music has influenced my children.


Hard working, honorable and gentle, best describe this man that I loved and miss. Through our family experiences and his non-conventional way of influencing me, my father truly impacted my life. When he passed 22 years ago, there were no regrets nor guilt. My father made me proud of the man he had become, and I made him proud for the man I had become. And that makes me feel complete. In Honor of all Dads Happy Father’s Day.