SKIN CARE : Transitioning from Summer to Autumn


The sun has set on summer, and with our sad good-byes to the season and favorite flip-flops, should be a welcome to richer, dewier skin care products for fall. Autumn is the season of rich colors, cool weather, and dry winds. While some prefer the same regimen day in and day out, it is wiser to adjust your routine with the changing seasons. You’ll find you are happier with the look and feel of your skin when you do.

While hot, humid weather calls for lighter products, the drier, cooler months call for richer products and, perhaps, an added step (or two) to your regimen. Start with a cleanser that is gentle, and hydrating for fall. Farmacy’s Green Clean ($44) is an excellent choice—removes any remaining make-up, dirt, and outside elements while offering good hydration. If you are using it in the shower, remember to keep the water temperature warm. Hot water will do more to dry out your skin than most strong winds.

To add extra nutrients and protection, be sure to prime your skin and apply a serum before your daytime moisturizer. Vitamin-C serum is a good choice for all skin types. Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum ($78) is a great choice to help brighten your skin. No7 Radiance+ Vitamin C Glow Toner ($15) is the less expensive option that has received much fanfare for its brightening and anti-acne results. Your day and night creams should be a little richer to retain moisture lost to the fall winds and dry air. Choose an eye cream to protect the sensitive skin around the area. Clinique’s All About Eyes ($37) is rich, cool to the touch, and provides lush but gentle moisture. 

Don’t forget your neck and décolleté in your skin care routine. Specialty neck cream is highly recommended. Neglecting this all-important area may result in appearing older than you are. Your selection should be rich enough without feeling greasy on the skin. After completing your daily regimen, allow a few minutes to pass before applying make-up or dressing, to ensure maximum benefit from each of your products. 

Using a mask, at least once weekly, will give your skin an added boost. There are a multitude of brands and the choice between sheet masks (my preference) or products designed to set onto the skin and later rinsed. If you opt for sheet masks, be sure to invest in a jade roller. When rolled (while still saturated), it will increase absorption from the mask. Be sure to take care of the rest of your skin each day. Your daily routine should include a body moisturizer or gentle absorbing oil to protect and feed your skin before you face the day. Aveeno’s Hand and Body Moisturizer Lotion is wonderful for all skin types and locks in moisture well. And, for those who can’t stand the sticky feeling of clothes on top of moisturizer, this is one that sinks into the skin and leaves you feeling smooth.

You get one face and one body to care for. Keep it feeling fresh and nourished throughout the year with an easy-to-follow routine of products that will get the job done right for the next season.


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Tammy Severino
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