Summer ’24 Trends


Now that your goose-down jacket is tucked away in the back of your closet, the front rack might be looking a little empty. A new season is a new reason to go shopping! If you are on the hunt from some trendy new pieces this summer, here are the items and styles to keep an eye out for! 

This summer is drawing major inspiration from the stripped back, effortless looks of the 90s. While color is often bolder and brighter in the warmer months, this summer fashion seems to be favoring a more relaxed, subtle avenue. Crisp white button up shirts, in thread-bare cotton or breezy linen, blue boyfriend-baggy jeans, and straight-lined skirts will be sweeping through the office and the streets this summer. Clean silhouette lines and muted, neutral tones are calling back to what is now perceived as a simpler time. 

A side-effect of the 90s being back is the fast fading color from the runway. A soft white, eggshell or marshmallow, seems to be the color of the season. Blush pink and cornflower blue and lemon yellow are dominating this season. While fitting with the more laidback trend, these colors add a touch of delicacy, a certain je ne sais quoi that might be missing from a simple neutral toned outfit, making them infinitely more appealing to all those who tied bows to their purse straps last year. 

If the cool customer chic of the 90s fashion is not your look, perhaps this season’s flirty hemlines will be of interest. For the past few summers, skirts and dresses have been getting longer and longer, paying homage to the bohemian flower children of the 60s and 70s. This year, however, the hemline has shot back up. Mini-skirts and dresses are back, and so are micro-mini shorts. Splashed all over the runway, teeny-tiny short shorts have been all the rage. 

Florals are synonymous with the spring and summer months, but this summer, roses are the prize winners of the fashion garden. Dominating several runways this season, roses are now appearing on the rack, as well. Roses appear not only in print, but in three-dimensional appliques and embellishments, creating a little extra zhuzh through volume and drama. 

To cap off your summer shopping spree, the shoes on everyone’s feet seem designed to reveal a fresh pedicure. Open toed is no surprise once the weather gets hot, but even regular-old pumps have keyholes punched into the front this summer. It would seem the sun has finally set on the conservative loafer. 

No doubt, one of these trends exists in your closet already, if not most of them. Tailoring your outfits to highlight a certain item or color is easy and cost-effective. But there’s no greater pleasure to walking out of a store with a bag in hand, so, should you decide treat yourself to an afternoon at a boutique, keeps the above list in mind!