In the Kitchen: Blackstone Steakhouse



10 Pinelawn Road, Melville, NY 11747
(631) 271-7780


Several times over the last decade, I’ve had the pleasure of catching up with Colin McKaharay, executive Chef at Blackstone Steakhouse. Chef Colin graduated from the New England Culinary Institute and attended Tulane University where he completed his education and received his B.S. in Hospitality Management.

As the master of the meats at one of the most renowned steakhouses on Long Island,  McKaharay’s passion for elevating the culinary experience never seems to tire. After joining Blackstone over eleven years ago, the mission has been to continue to elevate the dining experience for its patrons. In 2018 Chef Colin worked tirelessly in attaining one of the most prestigious certifications awarded to a restaurant. Blackstone has become one of two restaurants on the entire eastern seaboard that has the rights to carry and serve authentic and certified Kobe beef. Over the years, the word Kobe has become loosely used as a means of associating high quality beef. As executive Chef Colin McKaharay explains, “there is Wagyu beef and then there is Wagyu, that comes from Kobe Japan.” Known for its’ fine marbling characteristics and naturally enhanced flavor profile, tenderness, and juiciness, it has taken the Blackstone diner loyalist next level. To have the rights to supply its patrons with authentic Kobe Beef signifies Blackstone’s stellar reputation.

By the time this article was published, on May 22nd Executive Chef McKaharay had orchestrated Blackstone’s 9th annual Meatonism. It’s an idea that Chef Colin came up with that pays tribute to what was called back in the early twentieth century “Beefsteak Dinner”.

A definition I found explained it this way, “Beefsteak dinners” were served banquet style with no frills, no utensils and no napkins. Waiters would bring out trays of thinly sliced meat and bread for diners to eat with their hands. Guests wore aprons and butcher hats and when things got a little messy, they could wipe the grease off on their aprons.

You ate (and in pre-prohibition times, drank beer) until you had your fill”.

Basically it’s a meat fest, a night of pure gluttony where patrons eat ridiculously large amounts of beef while drinking beer and bourbon. (Knife & Fork Optional)

Close to a decade long tradition, Blackstone’s Meatonism appears to be growing more in popularity. Mark your calendar and start to inquire early April 2025 and participate in the greatest of the deadly sins by attending Blackstone’s Meatonism next year.

Blackstone is more than just a steakhouse, it’s a dining experience that will take you on a journey through many regions and cultures that will continue to intrigue its’ customers for many years to come.