‘Tis The Season For Style


Stephanie recently graduated from Syracuse University where she studied Communication and Rhetorical Studies. She now works in the television industry. Outside of her work, she enjoys traveling, watching television, reading and being with family and friends.
    Tis the season for just about everything cheerful, joyful, and fashionable.  The holidays are a time for family, presents, fun, and most of all… fashion. With holiday parties, work parties and even just family get-togethers, you want to stand out through your outfit.  So what is the perfect outfit?  Below are a few suggestions in order to look your best during this holiday season.
    Leggings have been a huge trend over the past few years. There is a way to wear leggings in a classy polished manner. A long sweater dress is always a staple during the holidays. Pairing it with stockings in the hopefully snowy weather can leave you feeling cold and miserable. Instead of jeans (no one wants to wear jeans at a party where you are eating a ton of holiday cookies) wear your sweater dress with a nice pair of plain black leggings. Finish your look off with a pair of either black or tan knee-high boots for an effortful party ready outfit.
    Sequins scream party. Sequin tops, skirts and dresses all are huge this season, especially with New Year’s just around the corner. If you are going to a nighttime party, you may want to consider this look. Deep purple, black, silver and gold are all great colors which complement this time of year perfectly.  For a great party look, go with a sequin top, paired with a pair of dark skinny jeans. Dark jeans are more appropriate for nighttime, where as light jeans are more appropriate for during the day.  Pair your outfit with a pair of amazing black heels and you will shine.
    For a more reserved party outfit for a  work or school function, dress pants are the way to go. These versatile pants can go with just about any shirt. For the holidays, simple lace tops will give your outfit a soft, feminine look, while still looking festive. Cream and light pink lace is a better option than dark colors if you are pairing your top with black dress pants. If you feel as though this outfit is a little too boring, spice up your outfit with a pair of great closed-toe heels. This effortless look is perfectly professional and classy at the same time. Curled hair instead of straight will dress your outfit up even more.
    Good fashion, good food, great friends and family are what the holidays are all about. So whatever look you decide is best for you, wear it in your own style and have an amazing holiday.