“Fall” In Love


The saying “fall” in love has gone from being a cute Instagram caption to a common wedding welcome sign as autumn has become the leading wedding season here on Long Island.

In recent years, the pattern has shifted. It used to be a bride’s dream to get married in June. The weather got warm, summer just began and the bridal sleeves could come off, but not anymore. Fall is the NEW season for weddings, particularly the month of October. 

October has become THE month to get married and when you think about it, it’s not shocking to see why. October has stable weather, the humidity of the season is past us, scarce rain, and the perfect breeze for a daytime outdoor ceremony. 

October gives the best foliage for photos. There’s no better photo backdrop than Mother Nature. The natural beauty of the change in season makes for perfect pictures. The vibrant colors, trees, and leaves on the ground add a certain genius to the elegance of a wedding that can’t be man-made. 

This season allows brides to have fun and be bold with their color and fabric choices. The brisk weather allows for velvet, and a thick satin for bridesmaids. Brides can dress their favorite ladies in any color, from champagne to black and every color in between. Auburn, orange and sage green are very popular in the fall months.

One of the best parts about a fall wedding is the versatility of the bridal gowns. Estee Gordon, the woman behind the bridal podcast “The BrideTender,” says she has been seeing a lot of detachable sleeves and faux gloves in recent years, and she’s loving it. ”Detachable sleeves and removable gloves are the best way for a bride to change up her look without breaking the bank. 

Many brides go full Boho-chic throughout this season, from the dress to the headpiece and everything in between. Whimsical hairstyles fit the magical atmosphere; fishtail braids with small pieces of flowers perfectly placed between sections really tie the look together with the event decor. 

Ahhh the fall decor, anything goes! Some brides embrace the spooky season and incorporate Halloween into their day. Some cling to the foliage and enhance it by adding pumpkins and mums to tie up their decor.

To my surprise, Mike of Flowers By Burton, a wedding florist on the Island, said “it used to be that brides wanted oranges, rusts, and bronze… in the past few years, white (flowers) has become more common and taken over as the leading color combination.” He says “Brides love the clean look of white flowers with rich greenery.” 

Mike also said, “Brides certainly do have to plan much earlier for the busy months…” referencing a desired venue or vendors. Although vendors are all caught up from Covid, post-Covid brides plan their weddings much farther in advance than pre-Covid brides. It is very common for places and vendors to be booked.

So if you plan to “fall” in love, make sure you plan to fall.