Dorm Décor


Rachael Severino is an incoming sophomore at Sarah Lawrence College. 
She is looking to major in both Journalism and Creative Writing. 
A writer, ballerina, and crafter, Rachael is attracted to all things creative.
    With the uncertainty and melancholy created by the Covid-19 pandemic, university students need a proper living space that will encourage stability. Whether you are moving back into a dorm, or stuck transforming your childhood bedroom into a place for both attending classes and studying, there are plenty of ways to decorate your room. So, here are a few items and tips that will help glam up your space, without draining your bank account. 
    For dorm-dwellers, it is a universally accepted fact that cinder-blocks and plaster walls are unattractive, however, there are remedies. Tapestries are an inexpensive and beloved dorm basic that can feature any design you want. Once you find a tapestry with a print you love, in a size that best fits your room, take it a step further and accentuate it with framed fairy-lights or strings of faux leaves. Tapestries and accessories can all be found for cheap on Amazon. Fairy-lights are another dorm-decor favorite which you can buy in classic white or  color-changing bulbs and string around your room. These wall hangings really transform  any room, providing a great backdrop for a Zoom call or fun accent wall.  
    Unless you plan on purchasing multiple tapestries to cover all your walls, look into getting some art prints to help spruce it up. has classic pieces along with modern work. Just add some flat frames and command strips and you will have your walls looking significantly better in no time. 
    Dorm floors can be just as tragic as dorm walls, which is why investing in a cute rug will help cover up that ugly linoleum. If you are attending school in a colder climate, a fluffy rug by the side of your bed will keep your feet warm when you wake up. A chic, patterned rug will provide an air of put-togetherness that dorm rooms are often lacking. Target is a great place to hunt down an inexpensive rug – they have an entire section dedicated to 5’ x 7’ rugs under $100! 
    Another great way to brighten your entire room is to house a few plants. Pothos, succulents, snakeplants and ZZ plants are great for beginners. You can buy them from Lowes and plant them in unloved coffee mugs to keep the price nice and low. Or, if you are feeling confident with your green thumb, and have a wide enough windowsill, buy a window-box herb garden – they are a cute and helpful purchase if you like to cook. Should you be staying home, check to make sure your plants are pet-safe. 
    Consider lacey curtains. Most dorms come with blinds, but they are generally cheap and plain. Sheers will let in filtered light while also giving some much needed privacy. Lacey sheers will give your room a soft touch and hide those hideous standard issue blinds. 
    Remember, less is more. Dorm rooms are tiny, especially when you pack in everything from your room at home, the space will feel cramped and overpowered. So, decide what pieces are practical and then pick something you love!